Christopher Wray & David Bowdich at the FBI The Voice of a Moderate Connecting the Dots.... Sarkozy Corruption to Clinton Corruption to NISSAN CEO FRAUDULENTLY Taking 1.6 Billion of the 2010 Stimulus, to Putin, to the Lockerbie Bombing COVER-Up. Put on Your Seat Belts... VROOM!!!!

Jeff Sessions Andrew McCabe Needs to be FIRED... it's the only way mid level agents will trust the agency THEY work for!

Voice of a Moderate is Gonna Change to a Blog About HOW Less Government Creates a Healthy Economy. This Corruption Blog Can Shift to the Positive Cause My Voice is NOW Being Heard. "I attended a RICO meeting in 2011 that was created for fraud connected to 2010 Green Stimulus & FBI Agents Who Wanted to STOP Green Fraud Got Bullied by 'Higher Ups'..." GOOD NEWS!!! Today Ethical FBI Agents are Being Listened Too.... THANK YOU JESUS!" Sharyn Bovat