Boys in Boston: The Meat in Your Website is ALL HOT AIR.... Literally... Better TWEAK before Convention. IF Moderate Women GOOGLE....Which We Do..... We're Smart and the Keyboard is Our Friend.... We HATE DIGGING For Info....

HOT AIR Article Most Impressive Link on Romney Blog

and that takes "hunting"

Energy INDEPENDENCE & Cronyism and Government inability to spend taxpayer money wisely is HOW Romney can get elected.

The fact is people like President Obama and they don't TRUST or like the policy's of President Obama because the economy is STILL bad

 This is RIDICULES.... Bain Capital in the EYES of those that read Mainstream Media is in there minds Pain Capital.  

Mr. Romney Sir,  RESPECTFULLY your accomplishments are many change so change the headline to "Why I believe in the Private Sector-Free Markets ... yada yada."

This Photo Makes Moderate Queasy.... Don't Remind hard working working moms about your PERFECT life.    It also has an Aryna feel.... I do NOT think your a racist.  It's just that your family & Ryan's is so white....

On the Ryan front THIS photo is GREAT.

One lady said it "it looks like MY family"....

Get Rid of the Comeback Team. 

and too much SPACE is selling Tee Shirts.  It's time to sell ROMNEY!

Just an opinion of a woman who want Romney to win.   A woman who feels like she's watching a TRAIN WRECK.  

PLEASE Boys in Boston.....   Wake Up!!!
Show America that Romney and Ryan Want ALL Americans to be apart of YOUR "Comeback" and that means....articles like the HOT AIR are on the FRONT Page easy to access and NOT just a "link" to a website.  They HAVE TO BE YOUR ORIGINAL MATERIAL.....