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Monday, February 13, 2017

***UPDATE*** NEW Castro-Clinton Corruption Issue. The ETHICAL People of Cuba Asked Me to Get President Donald Trump to Help Them.... Matt Schlapp Said LOVE the People Hate the Dictator:):) James Comey (FBI) Jason Chaffetz (House Oversight) Jeff Sessions (DOJ)

My post was PROVEN correct 4 days later by the Havana Times.....   I've been told by a person from the State Dept I was sitting on a GLOBAL Corruption story.   I'm in the process of revamping VoiceOfaModerate.com so check back soon.   Other than that I have two more trips to Cuba planned BUT was told the March trip might not happen & that "right now" Cuba is on the brink of a REVOLUTION.  Lets hope it's a small one & then BOTH Cuba & American businesses can succeed.  

Varadero, the Other Country Inside Cuba

Havana Times-Feb 17, 2017
HAVANA TIMES — Living on Varadero beach for a while was a really comforting and rewarding experience, but a little sad at the same time.

Last week I was the first “legally” allowed American to stay at a 5 star resort in an area the Castro family banned Americans. The part of Varadero I staying in has high speed internet … it was VERY modern & the Cuban Ppl there are in fear & wanted me to relay a message to the Trump administration. 

Over the last 5 years a pricy yacht pier built by the gov & international partners (at first a Cuban said the massive hotel & 1000+ yacht berth complex was built with MAFIA money they i learned it was ppl connected to Tony Blair & Hillary Clinton partnering with Cuban gov … they did it assuming Clinton would be the next president  ) & the the Cubans involved with project who fear Trump admin will stop the normalization progress are the ones that reached out to me:

The average Cuban does not know a 1st world facility exists.  They do not know high-speed internet is available on their island.  Cutbacks in healthcare & education happened to pay for the yacht pier.  Cuban people told me a revolution will happen once the ppl know their government has lied to them….  anyway  It’s COMPLICATED! 

The ONLY way to stop the revolution is for this yacht harbor to be a success and that mean Americans traveling there.   I was told the Trump ppl now have the upper hand & they will most likely allow for progress (but it might be interrupted temporarily) … I have two more trips to Cuba planned but told it won’t be safe:(:( 

A HIGH level person at the Pentagon told me to expose this & to get Congress to stop the insanity of the Cuban embargo. He said America’s resources needed to be spent on the “real enemy”….So i believe their is an opening for some real progress If American is gonna “bail out” Cuba on this Yacht scandal we should control who has access to the internet & Americans traveling there are ENSURED safety (electronically & personally).... so it’s complicated!!!   The Cuban people need America they were SO KIND to me.  Lets be friends with Cuba

Sharyn Bovat 

PS ...  I’m nicknamed the DOD Whistleblower.  Colin Powell’s ppl used me to expose issues during the Obama Admin.  I was told by the FBI I had permission by that admin to blog about fraud and corruption … the goal was to hurt the CIA/MIC clique that gave the bad WMD intel to Powell.  
Also, I was also the person who was told about Michael Hasting cyber attack just to expose the problem. CBS picked it up and then Panetta’s guy told me to stop cause they didn’t want Americans scared of their navigation system.  I’m trying to NOT whistleblow anymore BUT stumbled into the Cuba stuff.  I went to Cuba because the Obama ppl gave me OFAC credentials & I wanted to meet ppl to set up a company to take Conservative Americans to Cuba to help the normalization process. unfortunately I’m know for exposing issues so ppl tell me stuff.  sharynbovat.com   

Ppl at the DOD say I’m a conduit so issues can get exposed & then addressed. 


Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Trade Deficit with Mexico is OVER 58 BILLION Dollars.... How Many American Jobs is That?

Sharyn Bovat spoke up against a Japanese company taking over 1 billion American taxpayer dollars to build an EV  "they knew would fail" and at the same time took the auto jobs building the cars Americans wanted to buy to Mexico. I complained & got beaten up.

  trade deficit to the tune of $58.79 billion.
I sent an email to TN leaders saying NISSAN not building the cars in America that they had the capacity to build & they STILL gave NISSAN a LOT of taxpayer money & I got bullied.

Ghosn sees a lack of local capacity as a major inhibitor of sales growth, and is hopeful that when Nissan’s Brazilian factory comes online in 2014, more capacity from their Mexican plant can be diverted to North America. Nissan is targeting 10 percent market share in the United States by 2017and the timing of this achievement should be the impetus for the new plant.

Nissan North America received $1.5 billion to build an advanced battery plant in Tennessee and produce the plug-in Nissan Leaf nearby. It's still paying off the loan and won't disclose the balance owed.
Below an email i sent in 2012 

The MSM is not covering the problem with the trade deficit.  I was told the reason why the stock market has performed well with President Donald Trump is American Companies think Americans will have more money to spend in the future.The average American has taken a 15-20 decrease in income & "that" is the discretionary money for things like dining out & vacations.  Does Congress think Americans don't want to stay at hotels and like having to bunk at strangers homes to save money.   Companies like Airbnb have created a market which is the new "upper middle class poor"..... the upper middle class in American is struggling more than any demographic I'm a member and we don't get Obamacare subsidies. We don't get the benefits that were pay for via taxes.  My name is Sharyn Bovat & I'm tired of Warren Buffet paying a lower percentage in taxes than I & I'm tired of ppl who don't work getting everything for FREE where I have to foot the bill.  user charges, surge pricing, and so many other "fees" are killing the upper middle class.  Have you seen the fees attached to a plane ticket? Have you rented a car for $24 a day and the reality is it's $46 a day?   The American ppl are MAD & we have the internet & Congress MUST act NOW!!! 

U.S. Census Bureau data shows that for the first 11 months in 2016, U.S. imports from Mexico stood at $270.6 billion, down almost one percent from $273.2 billion, for the same period in 2015. Even though imports are down, they still exceed exports, leaving a trade deficit to the tune of $58.79 billion.
Read more: How Much Does The U.S. Import From Mexico? (GM, F) | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/articles/insights/012717/how-much-does-us-import-mexico-gm-f.asp#ixzz4XA8yB7P4
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tom Fitton & Matt Schlapp Clinton Foundation TOOK Lots of CASH from Donors Linked to Russian President Putin. Wikileaks Show's Clinton Close to Putin Lobbyist Gerhard Schroder


James Clapper at ODNI & Jeh Johnson DHS canceled their public appearances reflecting on their work in the IC... iThink their dodging questions about faux🇷🇺hack - I should've stayed in ☀️Florida

James Clapper at ODNI  & Jeh Johnson DHS canceled their public appearances reflecting on their work in the IC... iThink their dodging questions about faux🇷🇺hack - I should've stayed in ☀️Florida