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Something is Fishy w/John McCain & IRI Global

i i stumbled on an article about John McCain and IRI Global & it was people connected to that group that trained me in the 80's to conduct the "secret polls" & it's why ppl from the Bush H admin wanted me to go to Iowa and other places during the last election. I was never told who "sponsored me" for some of my travels/conferneces but the ppl that paid for my drinks were VERY Pro Jeb.... lovely ppl:):)
Anyway below is a link to an article about John McCain and a BIG conflict of interest he has with IRI Global. He sits on the Senate Foreign Policy committee that hands out taxpayer money to USAID, kindof a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!
When you see the history of IRI you'll see It's kindof creepy. The conference i went to in Belgium that had a LOT of UN ppl & organizations funded by Soro's including LOTS of ppl John Podesta emailed that conference was considered bipartisan because of IRI Global being in attendance and running a panel. The R…

***UPDATE*** NEW Castro-Clinton Corruption Issue. The ETHICAL People of Cuba Asked Me to Get President Donald Trump to Help Them.... Matt Schlapp Said LOVE the People Hate the Dictator:):) James Comey (FBI) Jason Chaffetz (House Oversight) Jeff Sessions (DOJ)

My post was PROVEN correct 4 days later by the Havana Times.....   I've been told by a person from the State Dept I was sitting on a GLOBAL Corruption story.   I'm in the process of revamping so check back soon.   Other than that I have two more trips to Cuba planned BUT was told the March trip might not happen & that "right now" Cuba is on the brink of a REVOLUTION.  Lets hope it's a small one & then BOTH Cuba & American businesses can succeed.  

Varadero, the Other Country Inside CubaHavana Times-Feb 17, 2017 HAVANA TIMES — Living on Varadero beach for a while was a really comforting and rewarding experience, but a little sad at the same time.

Last week I was the first “legally” allowed American to stay at a 5 star resort in an area the Castro family banned Americans. The part of Varadero I staying in has high speed internet … it was VERY modern & the Cuban Ppl there are in fear & wanted me to relay a message to the Trump …

The Trade Deficit with Mexico is OVER 58 BILLION Dollars.... How Many American Jobs is That?

Sharyn Bovat spoke up against a Japanese company taking over 1 billion American taxpayer dollars to build an EV  "they knew would fail" and at the same time took the auto jobs building the cars Americans wanted to buy to Mexico. I complained & got beaten up.
trade deficit to the tune of $58.79 billion.
I sent an email to TN leaders saying NISSAN not building the cars in America that they had the capacity to build & they STILL gave NISSAN a LOT of taxpayer money & I got bullied. Ghosn sees a lack of local capacity as a major inhibitor of sales growth, and is hopeful that when Nissan’s Brazilian factory comes online in 2014, more capacity from their Mexican plant can be diverted to North America. Nissan is targeting 10 percent market share in the United States by 2017, and the timing of this achievement should be the impetus for the new plant.

Nissan North America received $1.5 billion…

Tom Fitton & Matt Schlapp Clinton Foundation TOOK Lots of CASH from Donors Linked to Russian President Putin. Wikileaks Show's Clinton Close to Putin Lobbyist Gerhard Schroder

Leaked Email from WIKILEAKS Shows Hillary's Minions To:  CC:  Date: 2014-01-30 19:44 Subject: Letter from Sigmar Gabriel
Hi Ami - I hope this mail finds you well. Wanted to follow up on a request to the President made by Sigmar Gabriel, the German Foreign Minister and Chairman of the SPD. Gabriel is asking if President Clinton might right a short note for a publication being produced to honor former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, on his 70th Birthday. The Ebert Stiftung seems to have sent this request via a standard press

PLEASE Read This:

James Clapper at ODNI & Jeh Johnson DHS canceled their public appearances reflecting on their work in the IC... iThink their dodging questions about faux🇷🇺hack - I should've stayed in ☀️Florida

James Clapper at ODNI  & Jeh Johnson DHS canceled their public appearances reflecting on their work in the IC... iThink their dodging questions about faux🇷🇺hack - I should've stayed in ☀️Florida 

James Clapper.... WHY are you a NO SHOW next Friday... embarrassed at the "crappy intel" you gave POTUS?

James Comey FBI, James Clapper, John Brennan CIA, & Caroline Krass CIA Something Doesn't Make Sense

Big Clinton Foundation Donor OWNS Autovaz Putin's Car Company... Why Would Putin Hack Clinton?