Mainstream Media Avoids Telling the 80% MH370 Theory- Why?

The Mainstream Media in America is a JOKE.... Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore of Gannett Your NOT Alone in Being Pathetic..... Good New s in Media Picked UP Lockerbie Bombing Story Saying IRAN Did It.....

John Brennan Was the CIA Too Busy Hacking My Computer & That's Why You Did NOT Hack the Senate Intelligence Committee? Is That Why? Dan Meyer of the IC Whistleblower Office are YOU Helping Me.... Just Tell Me... I'm Tired and CRANKY!!!!

***UPDATE*** Code Pink Cofounder Medea Benjamin Detained in Cairo and Assaulted - Why? In America Protesting is "Supposed" to be PATRIOTIC

Sheldon Adelson I'm Having Fun Being a "Journalist"...Thank You For "Calling Off the Dogs".... No Mossad Problems So Far on this Trip... Maybe Their Too Busy at AIPAC? To My "Viewer" IRAN Really DID Tweet Me - TOLD YA!!!