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***UPDATE*** Marco Rubio Has EVERY Major "Establishment" Endorsement in Tennessee & is STILL in 3rd Place.... It's Cause the People are Rebelling Against the CORRUPT Status Quo

UPDATE - iWas right
the people in Tennessee are REBELLING against the corrupt GOP TNestablishment.

Search ResultsBill Haslam, Bill Frist endorse Marco Rubio - The

Search ResultsBill Haslam, Bill Frist endorse Marco Rubio - The

The Tennessean

Trump Drinking Game for Oscar Night

It just gets weirder & weirder.....

--“Marco Rubio came out swinging at Trump, and one punch really landed: Trump University,’” by Washington Post’s Philip Bump

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--"..The irony is that someday their could be a REAL Trump University..."  Sharyn Bovat Voice of a Moderate

Ted Cruz Should "Make Nice" with Donald Trump & Exit Gracefully (60-70% of Cruz Supporters Will NEVER Go Establishment): Marco Rubio Should BEG Him to Be VP but Odds are He'll Become a Lobbyist Like Eric Cantor: Donald Trump Should Pick Condoleezza Rice & Put Carly Fiorina on the Cabinet NOT in Charge of Health & Human Service BUT Secretary of Labor.

iJust think the RNC needs to look in a mirror to find the problems with the GOP.  After all YOU (Reince Priebus) put Jeppie Barbour's son in charge of the "new diversity" program.

Eric Cantor's Top 4 Has Dwindled Down to 'Just" Marco Rubio: America Has Spoken & They Said the Don't Want Establishment. A Friend of Henry Barbour's Told Me The GOP Convention Happening Earlier For MANY Reasons Including a BROKERED Convention. Reince Priebus I Want the RNC to Get Me into the Hampton Inn>>>. Pretty Please:):)

 Marco Rubio Endorsements Don't Matter Just ask Hillary Clinton about New Hampshire
" (Eric) Cantor’s favorites are Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker — and he didn’t rule out endorsing at some point down the road..." The Washington Examinerclick HERE for article

DOD Whistleblower KNOWS Vets are Using Pot for PTSD & Attended The Capital CannaShow (Sharyn Bovat Says it Was AWESOME) & Shows Proof DC Law is STUPID Pot Needs to Legalized, Taxed & Regulate It's Too Dangerous to Have Unlabeled Brownies.

The DC CannaShow was at the Marriott Mayflower that's a few blocks from the White House: This is from the Everbrite Event Detail list:  Q: What can/can't I bring to the event?    A: Please do not bring any illegal items into the venue.  Please observe and respect Washington D.C. laws.  This is NOT a smoking event. Yet edibles were EVERYWHERE
FYI I got stoned from trying a few samples.  I did NOT know what was in each sample "that" would not have happened in Denver. The DC pot laws are "ridicules" it's illegal to sell pot BUT it's OK to share it. So if you buy w pin for $5 they give you a free brownie.  Yesterday I met a lot of young millennial entrepreneurs & I might've met my new drug dealer. Living with PTSD is not easy and occasionally it would be nice to have in Indica brownie. Pot makes me not think of things like Lockerbie, TWA 800, Iran Contra, who my bio dad is?, and more (see I don't want to be a "stoner"…