***UPDATE*** Marco Rubio Has EVERY Major "Establishment" Endorsement in Tennessee & is STILL in 3rd Place.... It's Cause the People are Rebelling Against the CORRUPT Status Quo

Trump Drinking Game for Oscar Night

It just gets weirder & weirder.....

Ted Cruz Should "Make Nice" with Donald Trump & Exit Gracefully (60-70% of Cruz Supporters Will NEVER Go Establishment): Marco Rubio Should BEG Him to Be VP but Odds are He'll Become a Lobbyist Like Eric Cantor: Donald Trump Should Pick Condoleezza Rice & Put Carly Fiorina on the Cabinet NOT in Charge of Health & Human Service BUT Secretary of Labor.

Eric Cantor's Top 4 Has Dwindled Down to 'Just" Marco Rubio: America Has Spoken & They Said the Don't Want Establishment. A Friend of Henry Barbour's Told Me The GOP Convention Happening Earlier For MANY Reasons Including a BROKERED Convention. Reince Priebus I Want the RNC to Get Me into the Hampton Inn>>>. Pretty Please:):)

DOD Whistleblower KNOWS Vets are Using Pot for PTSD & Attended The Capital CannaShow (Sharyn Bovat Says it Was AWESOME) & Shows Proof DC Law is STUPID Pot Needs to Legalized, Taxed & Regulate It's Too Dangerous to Have Unlabeled Brownies.