Sorry Frank Duggan & Buck Revell it's a DUCK!!!

James Comey Tell the FBI That I Just Told People That Helped Destroy the World that Belong to the SAME CIA/MIC Clique as Leon Panetta to **** Off... Sadly They're my Relatives :(:( Message to the Obama Elite- When Is John Kiriakou Getting Free? He Spoke Out AGAINST Torture If YOU Don't Have the Balls to Admit YOU Made a Mistake in Caging Him At Least Lock Him Up NEAR His Children...

***CLARIFICATION*** James Comey - PLEASE Tell the FBI to Bust the Bad Guys NOW... I Know Something is Happening: LOTS of Weird Stuff Going On. The Man Who Knows Leon Panetta That Terrorized Me is NOW Dying of a Brain Tumor - Bill Casey's Ex Personal Assistant is in Charge of Membership of "The Club"... I'm NOT Saying Anything More About John Kiriakou Getting Railroaded Cause the Guy That Told Me is In a Hospice & NOW Cause He's Dying I Get to See My Mom... Thank You!!!! OMG!!! This is Twisted I'm Totally Confused. Anyway My Mom Met "Tom" During the Railroading of Megrahi - this Was AFTER My Grandfather Karl Frisbie Died. He Had Prostate Cancer and Was Given Radiation and Chemo - He Was in His Late 80's This Was in 1998 & He Did NOT Want to Live to See an Innocent Man Railroaded for the Lockerbie Bombing. I Used to Think Someone Murdered My Grandfather Cause the Dr at Monterey Community Hospital Told Me He Was Being MURDERED with the Chemo & Radiation BUT now I Believe He Just Wanted to Die... I Can't Stop Crying. I Loved My Grandfather & This Fight for Human Decency is Dedicated to Him....I was told in 1999 Tom Moved to the Area & Targeted my Mom Cause he Had a Gambling Debt- I Was Told Those Linked to MOSSAD Wanted Mom "Baby Sat" Tom Then Became a WEDGE & He Would NOT Let Me See My Mom & He Insulted Me ALOT. He Really Hurt My Reputation & He Told Me in August 2011 That People Would NOT Believe Me Cause They Think I'm STUPID Cause of my Dyslexia and Bad Grammar. He Used Big Words to Insult Me. He's a Piece of Shit and I'm Glad He's Dying & I Feel Sad I Have So Much Hate Toward Him ~ Time To Turn the Hate Into Good So I'm Gonna Fight to Prove that Megrahi Was Innocent Cause I Too Was Railroaded Just Like John Kiriakou and I Want My Reputation Back... & He Has 5 Children and Deserves His Reputation Back Too...OMG!!! He Whistle blew Against Torture & He's in Jail.. What Happened to America?

Today I'm Targeting Bank Fraud & Iran Sanction Breaker MITT ROMNEY & Sent an Email to One of the DOJ Under the SpotLight Companies: OMG!!! The Guy In Charge of Security Services for Credit Suisse is Gonna Flip When He Reads Email I'm Sending to Stratfor Vendor Mike Dorris.. Oops It's the SAME Guy:):) Hi Mike - YOU Owe Me a Drink & Tell Craig Stamm I Want to Work For Stratfor in the VAIL Office? Have a Great Morning!!! :):) Sharyn Also Message to Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up Team Including Buck Revell and Frank Duggan et al

Cyber Attack in August 2013 wiped out Time Machine Back Ups ...I was told it was GONE.. Apple Even Wrote Letter saying Hard Drive EMPTY- Oddly SOME Have "Come Back"... Thank You APPLE

New WARNING Disclaimer to Voice of A Moderate- Sharyn Bovat has Dyslexia and ADD That Does NOT Make her Stupid-She Reports FACTS and Clarifies When She's Wrong.. Unlike MOST Blogs. The Point of Her Blogs is to Communicate Problems and Get Solutions. Today She's Communicating She's SICK of People Telling Her of TYPOS...