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Soon Marijuana Will Be Schedule 2 or "Off the List" .... Having the Tax Revenue Help the States & Cities is a MAJOR Reason for the DEA to Declassify Pot & NOT Force a Dr Note. If Cannabis is Schedule 2 the Pharmaceutical Lobbyist Will Get RICH, CVS & Walgreens Will Be MORE Profitable & the Money Generated from the Sales/Taxes Most Likely Will NOT Go to the People....

Pharmaceutical lobbyist WANT marijuana Schedule 2 but after spending time in the "Left Coast" I've learned that the State of Washington gets (a minimum of 37% of the retail) ... the state of Colorado the 1st year got around 135 MILLION in revenue.  Lots of school improvements can happen with that kind of income generator.  So were talking about BILLIONS that will go to the states and directly funneled to the people in those communities.   

iThink the DEA should just take it off the schedule:  Cause the plant does have a medical purpose & it's ORGANIC.  The original inhabitants of this country smoked it and to jail people using taxpayer money because their growing a PLANT is stupid.

Money Is Growing On Trees In Washington: Cannabis Revenues ...Dope Magazine-9 hours ago Nearly two years have passed under the watchful eye of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) and Washingtonians are ...