Something For Bernie Sanders & Marco Rubio to Ponder.....

Grover Norquist says Audit the Pentagon and the ppl at New America Foundation are telling us why.

Haley Barbour Connected to FIRED Pope Who Was Friends with "W".... Via the Cardinal

Odds are Hillary Clinton is NOW Al Gore's Puppet

Voice of a Moderate RIGHT About Carly Fiorina ... Sharyn Did KNOW About Scott Walkers "Big Dip" in Polls - He's a Good Guy That Needs to Get Out... His Supporters Will Go to Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz

***UPDATE*** Jeb Bush Just Hired Tom Ingram (Whose Had Two Clients Raided by the FBI Recently) to be Jeb's New Operative. Bernie Toon Joe Biden's Ex Chief of Staff Works for Him too...

FBI Informant told me Donald Trump Tied to Mafia