*** UPDATE*** Yanira is FREE..... AEI & Arthur Brooks Lets Preach FREEDOM VIA CAPITALISM to Save Yanira Maldonado - ***Free-market Freedom***

Yesterdays Webstats Show Chinese Viewers Prefer Jeppie Barbour to Al Gore & Elizabeth Keadle Scot DesJarlais & Miss Honey Boo Boo Come in Last....

Climate Reality People... Tell Al Gore I Promise NOT to Issue Him a Subpoena:):) I Hope to Go UNLESS I'm Working at Gannett.

Gene Friedman *** Update*** New Yorkers Tell Me They Did NOT Know NISSAN Did Deals with IRAN ....Gene Friedman Got Bullied at the Knicks Game By NYC Mayor Bloomberg Who "Flipped Out" at the Taxi Owner.... The NYC Taxi "Monopoly" Contract Given to a Foreign Company That Fues IRAN Economically Lost in Court & It's Going to US Supreme Court.... OMG!!! Judge Scalia PLEASE Stop NYC that Suffered the 9-11 Tragedy from Fueling Al Qaeda Via NISSAN.... Carlos Ghosn Support Hezbollah and NOBODY Cares... Why?

Deborah Pauly Councilwoman from Santa Ana - Loved the Pictures ...... Thank You For Being a GOP Woman Who Wants RESPECT

Matt Kibbe & Freedomworks Who Did Lesbian Panda Video Could Be Bitten in the Butt with IRS SCANDAL.... Here's a Preview.... Reince Priebus Fasten Your Seatbelt. Is Henry Barbour EVER Going to Apologize to Me?

Cindy Estrada of the UAW - You Inspired Me at the IWPR Event at the AFL CIO Today I Will Keep Up My Viral Protest for Humanity. If It Takes a Union for NISSAN to Act Ethically OK... Just RESPECT Moderate GOP Candidates and in Red States FUND THEM.....

Note To Haley Barbour..... SHUT UP!!!

James Clapper, Michael Vickers & Ryan Fogle The Benghazi Talking Points Fiasco is Distracting the IC From the REAL Threat to America...... Stephen Preston "If" Your Related to Kline Preston PLEASE Say Something. I Do NOT Want to Believe YOUR In Bed With Putin, Are You? Can Someone at the CIA Give President Obama The List of Who Hates Us? Seriously I Was Told By Kline Preston That "Iran is NOT That Bad".... He Told Me This When I Spoke Out About NISSAN Doing Deals with IRAN. People Know the Haslam Family Does Deals with Iran and NOBODY is Speaking Up That the Owner of the Cleveland Browns Does Deals with Terrorist. I've Been Told the Benghazi Backlash Will Be That Educated Moderates Will Be Tired of the Nonsense & Insist That America STOP All Foreign Aid and Cut Back on Military. Is That What the Hawks Want? Benghazi Hearings Keep the Fire Burning and Marsha Blackburn's Finance Guy is Smack Dab in the Middle of the Foreign Policy Crisis "If" He Really Is Related to Stephen Preston?