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Snowing at CPAC - It's Gonna Be a Great Day! Even for a Moderate:):)

Coming soon a whole NEW
During CPAC Sharyn will post pictures HERE

James Comey If Your in Denver Can You Pop By the Governors Mansion & Help Me or Maybe Fred Hochberg at the Export Import Bank Can Put a Good Word About to Me to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper? I Think He's Cute:):) I Can Tell By His Sense of Humor He's Not as Cruel as NSA Paid By Verizon Hacker Mike Reyes Whose James Clappers NEW Verizon Ally & He Hurts The Planet By Driving an 8 MPG Maserati & Think Riding His Bike Occasionally is = to Carbon Credits.

Fred Hochberg .... my story is WEIRDER!!! FYI - I hear your great to go to dinner with maybe next time you dine with Colorado Gov Hickenlooper you can invite me? You might want to tell him to have me sign an NDA:):)
Remember the Frisky Colonel Aaron Geduldig?

iGot over 4 Million Google + views from exposing so much FRAUD I sure do hope James Comey of the FBI has his guys & gals working on all the corruption. Lets see if Loretta Lynch prosecutes criminals unlike Eric Holder who let the Haslam family "walk" cause they were RICH. 

Nissan Whistleblower: James Comey is Change Happening Sep 19, 2014 - I Want the FBI to Question Sam Geduldig about His Relationship to Aaron Geduldig - Using my CIA Trained as a Child Brain I Think They ...
OK to my recent personal life DISASTER story this one sponsored  by the NSA and their vendor Verizon 

Note to James Clapper:

Sir, is this how the NSA has their vendors do promot…