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Feeling the Burn has a WHOLE Different Meaning in DC

Ya'll gotta admit it's funny

Big Corporations Control Voters in the Democratic PA Electorate... At Least that Was My Impression

Hillary will probably win Philly cause the INSURANCE companies told their employees to vote for her ....The black community in Pennsylvania communicated to me they don't trust Clinton BUT they told me they don't trust any politicians - 
oddly some said black leaders in politics "lost their blackness" the Blackmen for Bernie were mainly millennials & MOST won't vote for Hillary if she's the nominee. 
Seems like the Pennsylvania Democrats have a lot of the same problems as the GOP...except they don't whine over toilets they talk about healthcare & social security ... Which is what MODERATES want to talk about

Best way to learn about a group is to dress like them .... 

It's TRUE People at the FBI are Angry That Clinton "Might" Not Get Indicted, Some Will Retire Early. Some are Scared of Retaliation "if she's NOT indicted".... It's Just SCARY!!!! One Guy Told Me He Was Thinking About Costa Rica. Hillary Clinton Has Hired Petraeus Attorney & is Artfully Dodging Justice & That's the Opinion of PPL that Have Seen the Evidence, Ppl Say it's NOT Just Classified Emails Anymore & My Sources are GOOD Yet They Don't Know What Comey is Thinking...Is James Comey Going to INSIST to Loretta Lynch That Clinton Gets Prosecuted. Is He One of the "Angry & Discouraged" at the FBI Is He Gonna Let the Public Know What They Uncovered? Lower Level PPL Don't Know if Loretta Lynch Will Indict Hillary.... All They Know is 100% Hillary Clinton Has Committed "Crimes" .... Yes That's Plural.... & To Many it Wrecks of RICO. She's NOW a Shoe-In. I'm Planning a Trip to Costa Rica... Having Ethical FBI Agents as Neighbors & Having Pool Parties In February Might Be the ONLY Ray of Sunshine Coming Out of This MESS OF AN ELECTION in 2016

Abscam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Abscam—sometimes written ABSCAM—was a Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) sting operation that took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced Clinton Donor Got $13M In State Dept ...Daily Caller-Apr 17, 2016 Hillary Clinton's Department of State awarded at least $13 million in grants, ... The more widely known FBI probe focuses on her use of a private ...

Report: FBI Investigates Hillary Clinton for CorruptionteleSUR English-Apr 18, 2016 A fresh scandal involving Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has surfaced Monday as The Daily Caller News Foundation ... Hillary Clinton used State Department position to get Yunus $13m ...
Bangladesh News 24 hours-Apr 19, 2016

ABSCAM agents to FBI chief: Bureau's 'reputation' on the line in

2nd update ...... ***UPDATE*** ObamaCare SUCKS!!!!

the below paragraph is included in a letter to the court.... i know I'm not the 1st woman whose been harmed by outrageous premiums, large deductibles & a "small list" of available doctors.  How difficult would it be for Congress to make a law that says women married over 10 years or 19 years get to keep their spouses program? 

I'm gonna file a motion in a Illinois Court on Monday saying due to Obamacare sucking I'm under duress & due to the duress I'm in no mental state to finalize a divorce.   Making 40-60K a year .... Obamacare premiums NOT affordable.  my ADHD drug is not included that is $380 a month. 

What should I know about this plan?Positives Lower medical out-of-pocket limit than over 90% of plansLower drug out-of-pocket limit than over 90% of plansLower medical deductible than over 90% of plansMulti-state plan may offer in-network coverage out of stateLower drug deductib…

DOD Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat Say's "Damn it Hurts to Be Right"

Jail is NOT a Drug Policy ... the # Reschedule420 Protest in Pictures

Yesterday I protested, photographed, reported & had a great time at the DCMJ Reschedule 420 Rally in front of the White House...