James Comey I've Finally Got the Wind Going in the "Right" Direction. Carl Icahn Wants to Shake Up Gannett & I Was Told He's NOT Part of the CIA/MIC Clique That Gracia Martore & Bob Dickey are Part of. America Might Get Better News from the Mainstream Media if Free Markets Happen. Gannett's Trying to STOP a Proxy Fight & They Want CONTROL of the News... Jeremy Gaines Must Be Pooping in His Pants.... They KNOW NISSAN is Able to Share Tech with Putin Via NASA & Autovaz & NEVER Reported It... Why? Kate Marymont of Gannett KNEW That NISSAN Committeed Fraud with the 2010 Stimulas & "Let it Happen"... I'm the NISSAN & DOD Whistleblower & i Want RESPECT. It's "That" Ever Gonna Happen?

Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove, & Reince Priebus I'm Looking at Possible "2016 Pairings".... Kind of Like a Wine Tasting Dinner....& Thank You RNC For Standing Up & Saying Morals Matter:):)

James Comey I've Told the FBI My Car Crash Was VERY Suspicious & I'm Looking at EVERY Angle. I Think it's the Lockerbie Bombing & TWA 800 MIC/CIA Clique That's Responsible (The People Linked to Haley Barbour) BUT There's Also the Possibility of Clinton Insiders Scared of WHO I Talk To. The Issue with Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton Being More Than Friends is Really NONE of My Business BUT If She's Hiding Her Sexuality it Is America's Business. America Needs a President it Trusts and Too Much About Hillary Does NOT Makes Sense When It Comes to the Sex Stuff.. I'm Offering UP FRONT to Take This OFF the Internet Once the Campaign Calls Me to Clarify ... Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

*** 2nd UPDATE *** James Comey I Sure Do HOPE the FBI is Investigating my Car Crash Cause iThink the State of Virginia is Rushing the Case to Closure. Audra Bartels the Prosecutor Seems Nice on the Phone BUT I Heard the UK Prosecutors in the Megrahi Trial (Lockerbie Bombing) Were Nice BUT They Let a Mis Carriage of Justice Happen. I Know Cause I Was Part of the Cover-Up..... I Know Minimal TWA 800 Cover-Up Info and iThink Hillary Clinton's People are SCARED of That Issue. ALL Other Issues Can't Bring Down the Clinton's BUT "This One Can".... Just Ask Louis Freeh?