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*** 2nd UPDATE *** James Comey I Sure Do HOPE the FBI is Investigating my Car Crash Cause iThink the State of Virginia is Rushing the Case to Closure. Audra Bartels the Prosecutor Seems Nice on the Phone BUT I Heard the UK Prosecutors in the Megrahi Trial (Lockerbie Bombing) Were Nice BUT They Let a Mis Carriage of Justice Happen. I Know Cause I Was Part of the Cover-Up..... I Know Minimal TWA 800 Cover-Up Info and iThink Hillary Clinton's People are SCARED of That Issue. ALL Other Issues Can't Bring Down the Clinton's BUT "This One Can".... Just Ask Louis Freeh?

****January 7th Update****
If anyone knows anything about this car PLEASE let the FBI know.

Phone:(202) 278-2000

On Jan 7, 2015, at 10:11 AM, Paul wrote:
Hi Sharyn; 
I got the report back this morning. It appears Christopher Morris does have active insurance with a Company called “Nationwide ins of America”. Never heard of them but the policy is in effect from 10/22/2014 thru 4/22/2015.  Do you want me to fax the report to you or Audra Bartels. Just let me know.
Claim Representative

From: Sharyn Bovat []
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2015 10:07 AM
To: Paul
Subject: Re: 13-5J54-931
It's probably a CIA vendor they have the capability of predating policies...they also tend to have names that are similar to well known companies. If you ever get the chance go drinking with one of their reps- they have wild stories:):)
Please find out about how i can contact them- I want diminished  value .

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Paul 
Subject: RE: 13-5J54-931
Date: January 7, 2015 at 11:27:03 AM EST
To: 'Sharyn Bovat' <>

I’ll try to find them since we know they are not the Nationwide we all know.

 ***Update afternoon January 6th ***

Just told i do NOT have to go to court tomorrow... the state has enough evidence without my testimony...The prosecutor Audra Bartels will make financial restitution part of a plea deal too. 

Thank you Jesus

The BIGGEST injury to the judicial insult happening in Virginia is I could NOT get my car back today because of the bad weather & the Prosecutor Audra Bartels said she won't make my getting reimbursed part of the plea deal UNLESS I've had my deductible paid.

The State rushed the case & their forcing me to go to court when they "dropped the ball' it was NEVER disclosed to me the guy LIED about his car insurance.  

ONLY when I tweeted Nationwide (the company I was told he was insured by did I learn that the car was NOT the drivers car, it had a murkey history & NOW I've had to pay my deductible when I still don't have my car....just to prove to the prosecutor I paid it?   I don't blame the people fixing my car, they're great. They too see that the crash is "suspicious". ... nothing makes sense maybe it's just the norm for people in Virginia who are victims of drunk drivers to be abused by the system? 

"...I was told by an FBI connected source WEEKS ago my crash most likely meant to scare me (not to kill me) My family was involved with plane crash cover-ups. The Clinton machine is worried about my TWA 800 intel, it’s complicated. I turned down a job for the Clinton campaign a few months ago and since then I’ve been bullied...."  


to Audra Bartels Prosecutor Alexandria Courts: I've seen a lot of weird stuff in the courts, I told you I could not identify the drunk driver cause he and the other guy got out of the car before I saw them. It was a rainy night & I got out of my car AFTER is spun ( some say a pit maneuver was "most likely" purposely done to me). I've asked for a copy of the original police report and was denied.  The accident happened on 11-16-2014 and the revised report I got is 12-1-2014. NOBODY told me the driver of the car the night of the crash presented to the police an insurance card that was NOT his & one that was expired-I learned after MULTIPLE request to my insurer and they acted AFTER I sent out a public tweet.

Please read attached emails.

At this point I think either it's a conspiracy or that nobody in the Alexandria courts cares about me the victim. The lack of communication and the rushing of getting a case to trial with flawed facts is giving me flashbacks to the Lockerbie cover-up.  I feat that my knowledge of the TWA flight 800 cover-up done in the Clinton era is WHY this case is being expedited. The Clinton campaign had reached out to me a few months ago and after I declined to work for them I've been bullied.  The Governor of Virginia is a friend of the Clinton's.

Again I could be wrong but at this point it's the best rational for how I've been treated by the courts   The prosecutor told me I "had" to be in court - even when I told her I was served the subpoena 'out of state' & says I don't have to there if served outside of Virginia.

Due to experiences in the Tennessee courts where I was accused of crimes that do NOT exist ( I have documentation) & have been threatened to be jailed for contempt of court "if" I did not disclose "who in the CIA or another govt. agency I worked for in 1980 (I was 14 years old)"  the question was asked so I'd have to "rat out" my mom. I believe the questions was asked cause my family was part of the "Khomeini deal" (Carter pissed off a bunch of CIA linked to my family... my grandfather was forced to retire). Anyway in 1979 my family sent me to boarding school to be the roommate of a girl from El Salvador whose family led death squads (remember the whacked priest).   I did NOT answer the question and luckily that time the courts did not jail me.

I have PTSD and this case could be rushed just because ya'll are efficient with your calendar BUT still a lot of unexplained questions persist.
Do I really need to go to court?

Is anyone in Virginia protecting my rights?

Whose gonna pay my deductible?

People are trying to find background info on the guy identified as hitting me in the crash and as of now I've heard NOTHING.  Does he exist?

Thank you for reading. I'd like a call telling me where to go and that my safety is ensured.

A few years ago I was told a "hit" was put on me by a Haley Barbour Ally ( I used to work for Henry Barbour & I scared them when I brought up issues with 2010 Stimulus fraud.  The issues I blogged about include the current Gov of Virginia getting money for faux green projects.  The threat agains my life was "lifted" after it was exposed BUT a friend of Haley Barbour's told me to NOT travel to Tennessee for fear that 'some didn't get the memo'.....

FYI- Haley Barbour pardoned so many cause he wanted people capable of committing murder to owe him favors. My PTSD is real and justified.

Please call me 615-944-7599

Thank You,


Seems like the insurance company can’t seem to trace ANY information on him.
How can the courts have a trial when the victim (me) has not gotten important information?  I want my safety guaranteed at the court tomorrow? 

From: Sharyn Bovat [
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 2:20 PM
To: Paul 
Cc: ******************** Mark Silverman;; Michael Dorris;
Subject: About Sharyn Bovat Car Crash Investigation


I’m panicking about the crash being not investigated properly. I still don’t know about the driver having insurance?

On January the 3rd FBI sends out tweet linking car crashes to domestic terrorism.

I was told by an FBI connected source WEEKS ago my crash most likely meant to scare me (not to kill me) My family was involved with plane crash cover-ups. The Clinton machine is worried about my TWA 800 intel, it’s complicated. I turned down a job for the Clinton campaign a few months ago and since then I’ve been bullied. 

I need this car crash investigated so people won’t try a 3rd car crash on me. If they think they can get away with it they will. if it turns out it was just a regular DUI I’ll be happy but the courts are rushing this case and it feels like a cover-up. I could be wrong. I do have PTSD. 

They killed my other Honda a few years ago. Ask Mark Silverman the former Gannett editor who won the Ben Bradlee award. He’ll know about other mysterious car crashes too, Mark told me las SPRING to be careful when I drove cause of “car crashes”. I even blogged that he said that. 

 Look at the current crash and the wheel the 2nd hit was in the spot for a Pit Maneuver. 

Paul please tell me ALL you know about the driver that hit me.  ——   I want to thank you for your help in finding out the driver did  not own the car.  Now I need to know about the driver. thank you:) 

I’m scared!!!


From: Sharyn Bovat [
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 2:45 PM
To: Paul 
Cc: *********************
Subject: Re: About Sharyn Bovat Car Crash Investigation


The court day Is the 7th and I was told Virginia Gov is friends of the Clinton's and their rushing it.....   The state will do nothing to help (they won't release the original police report) I was told the best I can do is insist on getting the facts - i want people to know that if there's another crash it will be investigated properly.  




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On Jan 5, 2015, at 3:23 PM, Paul Z wrote:
When is your court date? 

From: Sharyn Bovat []
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 2:51 PM
To: Paul
Subject: Re: About Sharyn Bovat Car Crash Investigation
Yes !

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On Jan 5, 2015, at 3:47 PM, Paul Z     wrote:
So it is this Wednesday?


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