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Tonight a Person Who Built their Own Business Told Me Their NOT Voting for Romney - Another DIEHARD Republican Said He's Going to Decide WHO To Vote for During the Debates.... This Guy Takes Pride on NOT Voting For Republicans.....

Todd Akin Take the Sharyn Bovat Challenge.......Prove to Me That Your Really Pro Life. Don't Take Money From ANY Person Who's Child Had an Abortion. Make YOUR Donors Sign a Pledge That They Accept Legitimate Rape as the ONLY Reason to Have an Abortion

Message to Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch,

Hello: My name is Sharyn Bovat and I need a job & health insurance.  Maybe I can work for YOU?

Sir, I can tell by my we stats that people "caught on" to the brilliance of Jillian from my comments.  I've got a bunch of ideas to get moderate women in the GOP.

Yesterday at AEI while hearing Michael Novak I realized that I was an "innovator" & he inspired me to work on a platform to communicate the message that you need capitalism to have democracy. That man was so articulate & lucky for me unlike Mr. Buckley whom I met a long time ago his vocabulary I could understand :):)

Call Me   615-415-6675

Here's my first episode of Cocktails with Sharyn.... I'm working on the 2nd one now... remember this is just an "new" concept kindof in draft form

Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove are the GOP Good Guys... I Can Prove it with an Email Linking Barbour and Russo....

"Some little girls learn how to bake from their mommy, I was different..." Sharyn Bovat

Posted on March 17th 2012.

I have hundreds of text messages between me and Mark Silverman the former Gannett editor of the Detroit News and the Tennessean. He was the 2010 Ben Bradlee winner.  Once I knew that Gannet was not reporting the NISSAN fraud to protect President Obama  I went "public" with our relationship.  We had an 11 month "fling" and are still friends today (Mark Silverman knows that I ONLY went public to "save my butt & to try to save the taxpayers 1 Billion+ dollars).  

Mark know lots about Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO from his Detroit News days.  Ghosn is truly the sleaziest CEO on the planet.  In many ways.

Anyway a juicer deal than the one I had with Silverman is the “deal” Haley Barbour made with Rahm Emanuel From Mark's reaction I KNEW that Ed Gille…

A Conservative Told Me That "They Get It".... America Can Become Fiscally Healthy and THe GOP Can Change... We Can Still Be National Security Hawks... Just With Heart..... It's Time to RESPECT the Taxpayer. That Means the GOP Needs the Senate. The White House is a Pipe Dream.... Don't Tell Mitt.. Let Him Stay In Romney Land for a Few More Weeks. Who Wants to Make a Bet On When His NEXT Snarky Comment Will Be? I Give Him 72 Hours?

Mitt Romney's campaign KNOWS that NISSAN does business in IRAN and support terrorists that are funding weapons that kill and harm our troops.  MItt Romney seems to "want to bomb Israel" but offers no plan to prevent it.  Mitt seems "trigger happy" and wants a war culture. Did his sons serve in the military.  Seems like rich people don't have children on the "front line" they don't understand sacrifice.  People in the military are disgusted by his comments on the 47%.  People that have served America overseas want a President that they respect but ALSO on that respects them.

nissan recently took out a 1.4 billion dollar dept of energy loan knowing they could not pay it back. they are building a car with outdated technology.  Than money should have been spent on creating "real" EV batteries that are viable that money should be used in ways that protect America and our troops

President Obama PLEASE when you win Do NOT cut the military …
"I'm convinced the Republican Party is the

 rightful home for Hispanic Americans,"

Mitt Romney's Popularity With Latino Voters Declines As Campaign ...Huffington Post-Sep 25, 2012 Last week, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's aggressive pursuit of Latino voters kicked into a higher gear. After taking his ...
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Olá Mitt Romney-
Por favor, tome isso como critisism "construtiva" em seus comentários de saúde.
FYI para obter o voto dos latinos a questão da saúde é importante. Muitos latinos são proprietários de pequenas empresas e não podem ter recursos para pagar os seus prémios de cuidados de saúde próprios. Eu tenho spok…

RYAN Please Not Talk Tough on Foreign Policy UNTIL You Get Briefed By Intelligence People that KNOW the Truth..... I'm Sure The Pentagon Has Them.....

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Either Ryan is CLUELESS or he knows he's feeding the masses MORE NEOCON we want to be the worlds bully crap. 
MOST people who "care about the issues pretty much suspect in their heart the Iranian hostage issue was a political trick.... it worked"  that's just how things were "taken care of" back then.  No biggy BUT it's still why people don't trust America.  We were able to control Middle Eastern nations when "we" put the chosen dictator in place.  Sadly those dictators were not necessarily the best for the people in those societies.  The CIA got some greedy people from countries ALL over the world. PAUL RYAN STICK TO THE ECONOMY!!!How about Crony
The World Airways Pilots went on strike in 1979.....that was a difficult time in American history....One More Thing...... Lots of "banter"........

"The hostages won't be freed until the republicans are in charge". #…

A Viewer of My Blog Asked Who They Should Vote for ..... Mitt is UNACCEPTABLE and they Don't Like Obama.

I told the disenfranchised voter to cast an empty ballot or Gary Johnson. Also to be sure to vote for other candidates.  They assured me ALL other votes will be Republican.  Gary Johnson....He's looking "attractive"..... Then we get him BACK to the GOP... Along with Huntsman whose "adorable" and has daughters that are good spokespeople....
I hope Gary is the in debates...People like him....NOW...A GOPer who used to find me annoying said "I've warmed up to you.... the party needs you..."  then they said that my blog post have too many spelling errors and I reminded them that I'm unedited & a bit of dyslexic:):)   
****** Maybe someday I'll have an editor...  (not Silverman ) .  FYI- He's traveling & his marriage is "better than ever"  his wife keeps him on a short leash and has him volunteering visiting lonely people at Hospices.  She seems like a very "smart" lady.   Gannett I want to wo…

Why is Sharyn Bovat a Republican? More Conservative Bloggers Needed Who Write About the REAL Facts.... IT's the ONLY Way to Have Fiscal Responsibility

GOP Elite
Hello  Democrats already have a LOT of women....
the GOP needs the Bold-Bitchy& Bright I became a Republican again because I suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. www.NISSANWhistleblower.comI'm staying a Republican because?
OK that's tough to answer... I think it's cause y'all need a moderate voice.  I've had to "soul search" because people ask me "how the hell I could be a Republican"  they say I'm too smart to be one :):)  
The reason WHY people make fun of republicans is the IMAGE that they see...  Thank You Sal Russo, Glenn Beck and a few Fox News Regulars.   America is NOW two nations a BLUE one and a Red one....YOU need people like me to make some of those states "purple" and then y'all will see the White House again....... 

RNC decision makers YOU cannot keep feeding the extremist crap to people.... it's not a diet that MOST will digest... Only the people from the less educated states.  Truth hurts... BUT it's T…

Looks Like People are Listening.... RESPECT is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Just sent this to a BUNCH of People.......
Begin forwarded message:
Hello Romney Staffers, Republican Activists and Intellectual Elite:  A Gingrich supporter met with me today and their worried about the house seats.  This person is a donor (about a 6%"er") & they're watching their child's business "fall apart" due to regulations BUT still they cannot stomach Mitt Romney. Over the weekend I talked to a viewer that served in Afghanistan they too are upset about Romney.  
Is there any way the GOP can distance themselves from Romney?   The above question is "what" a lot of people are wondering.
Y'all I'm really tired and KNOWING that Mitt Romney does NOT want to expose massive fraud and issues that could get him elected SCARES ME!!!! People do NOT want another war for OIL and they do NOT trust Romney..... He talks about IRAN too much at the same time he does not care that NISSAN (a foreign company) got over 1 billion dollars via the Treasury ba…

The Boys from Boston = Mindless Minions

GOP Establishment Elite: It's time to put the money in the SENATE, control both houses and then force President Obama into compromise.

It's time the GOP "Rebranded"  
The GOP is NOT just the party of the RICH. I was given a bunch of Romney Staffer email addressed & told to " Wake Them UP." The Senior Staffers seem to spend their time a Fenway Park. 

I was told the APATHY comes from the Leadership

Ed Gillespie are YOU tired of being with people that are "failing" on purpose?

Your too talented to be part of "that" team.
Guess Obama promised not to prosecute certain people if y'all lose?  

Oddly- I put on my blog in 2009 that the goal was for President Obama to fail.... the FAILED NISSAN Leaf was going to be Haley Barbour's ticket to the White House....
Web Stats show that powerful people read the blog.  

The NISSAN issues is connected to Solyndra....  The Daily C…