Tonight a Person Who Built their Own Business Told Me Their NOT Voting for Romney - Another DIEHARD Republican Said He's Going to Decide WHO To Vote for During the Debates.... This Guy Takes Pride on NOT Voting For Republicans.....

Todd Akin Take the Sharyn Bovat Challenge.......Prove to Me That Your Really Pro Life. Don't Take Money From ANY Person Who's Child Had an Abortion. Make YOUR Donors Sign a Pledge That They Accept Legitimate Rape as the ONLY Reason to Have an Abortion

Message to Rupert Murdoch

Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove are the GOP Good Guys... I Can Prove it with an Email Linking Barbour and Russo....

A Conservative Told Me That "They Get It".... America Can Become Fiscally Healthy and THe GOP Can Change... We Can Still Be National Security Hawks... Just With Heart..... It's Time to RESPECT the Taxpayer. That Means the GOP Needs the Senate. The White House is a Pipe Dream.... Don't Tell Mitt.. Let Him Stay In Romney Land for a Few More Weeks. Who Wants to Make a Bet On When His NEXT Snarky Comment Will Be? I Give Him 72 Hours?

RYAN Please Not Talk Tough on Foreign Policy UNTIL You Get Briefed By Intelligence People that KNOW the Truth..... I'm Sure The Pentagon Has Them.....

A Viewer of My Blog Asked Who They Should Vote for ..... Mitt is UNACCEPTABLE and they Don't Like Obama.

Why is Sharyn Bovat a Republican? More Conservative Bloggers Needed Who Write About the REAL Facts.... IT's the ONLY Way to Have Fiscal Responsibility

Looks Like People are Listening.... RESPECT is NOT a 4 Letter Word

The Boys from Boston = Mindless Minions