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A Viewer of My Blog Asked Who They Should Vote for ..... Mitt is UNACCEPTABLE and they Don't Like Obama.

I told the disenfranchised voter to cast an empty ballot or Gary Johnson. Also to be sure to vote for other candidates.  They assured me ALL other votes will be Republican.  Gary Johnson....He's looking "attractive"..... Then we get him BACK to the GOP... Along with Huntsman whose "adorable" and has daughters that are good spokespeople....

I hope Gary is the in debates...People like him....NOW...A GOPer who used to find me annoying said "I've warmed up to you.... the party needs you..."  then they said that my blog post have too many spelling errors and I reminded them that I'm unedited & a bit of dyslexic:):)   

Maybe someday I'll have an editor...  (not Silverman ) .  FYI- He's traveling & his marriage is "better than ever"  his wife keeps him on a short leash and has him volunteering visiting lonely people at Hospices.  She seems like a very "smart" lady.   Gannett I want to work for YOU... because your in a part of the country I want to live... The Metro is coming to Reston and that city reminds me of Walnut Creek.  

ALERT   -    Romney Said Something Smart!!!  

"I've laid out a new approach for a new era," ... "We'll couple aid with trade and private investment to empower individuals, encourage innovators, and reward entrepreneurs."  Mitt Romney Today (sorry Sir your a little late to the "party" to many people now believe the narrative that The Obama campaign has been preaching.
"....Asked about the government’s responsibility to the 50 million Americans without health insurance, Mr. Romney said they already have access to health care: in emergency rooms. That, of course, is the most expensive and least effective way of providing care, as someone who once advocated universal care has reason to know. But it also reeks of contempt for those left behind by the current insurance system, suggesting that they must suffer with illness until the point where they need an ambulance.
Mr. Romney is free to pursue this shallow, cavalier campaign for six more weeks, but he shouldn’t be surprised if voters increasingly choose not to pay attention...."  New York Times

OK Mr. Romney....
If I use the emergency room because I cannot afford the high premiums will the hospital put liens on the homes that I'm struggling to keep the mortgages paid on?
Seriously YOUR mentally fucked up!!   Sorry for the French.... BUT you deserve it....
People that are paying their bills and working had to make ends meet and can't get health insurance because it's too costly should go bankrupt.  HOW retarded or uncaring are you?