RYAN Please Not Talk Tough on Foreign Policy UNTIL You Get Briefed By Intelligence People that KNOW the Truth..... I'm Sure The Pentagon Has Them.....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Either Ryan is CLUELESS or he knows he's feeding the 

masses MORE NEOCON we want to be the worlds bully 


MOST people who "care about the issues pretty much suspect in their heart the Iranian hostage issue was a political trick.... it worked"  that's just how things were "taken care of" back then.  No biggy BUT it's still why people don't trust America.  We were able to control Middle Eastern nations when "we" put the chosen dictator in place.  Sadly those dictators were not necessarily the best for the people in those societies.  The CIA got some greedy people from countries ALL over the world.


How about Crony Capitalism

The World Airways Pilots went on strike in 1979.....that was a difficult time in American history....One More Thing......

Lots of "banter"........

"The hostages won't be freed until the republicans are in charge". #####

"Reagan got 'green lighted' after he agreed to make Bush the VP" #####
George H. Bush did get rid of the "creepy" element of the CIA after he became president: It made me sad when a friend of mine got a demotion still I told the truth & it was BEST for society.