Looks Like People are Listening.... RESPECT is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Just sent this to a BUNCH of People.......

Begin forwarded message:

Hello Romney Staffers, Republican Activists and Intellectual Elite: 
A Gingrich supporter met with me today and their worried about the house seats.  This person is a donor (about a 6%"er") & they're watching their child's business "fall apart" due to regulations BUT still they cannot stomach Mitt Romney. Over the weekend I talked to a viewer that served in Afghanistan they too are upset about Romney.  

Is there any way the GOP can distance themselves from Romney?  
The above question is "what" a lot of people are wondering.

Y'all I'm really tired and KNOWING that Mitt Romney does NOT want to expose massive fraud and issues that could get him elected SCARES ME!!!!
People do NOT want another war for OIL and they do NOT trust Romney..... He talks about IRAN too much at the same time he does not care that NISSAN (a foreign company) got over 1 billion dollars via the Treasury bank & they do business in IRAN.. Romney has LOST credibility on the IRAN issue -which is odd since it was President Obama'a administration that allowed for it to happen?  People to NOT trust Mitt..... Watch the new video if you want to know WHAT some of the 47% are thinking.  It's sad:(:(


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