Message to Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch,

Hello: My name is Sharyn Bovat and I need a job & health insurance.  Maybe I can work for YOU?

Sir, I can tell by my we stats that people "caught on" to the brilliance of Jillian from my comments.  I've got a bunch of ideas to get moderate women in the GOP.

Yesterday at AEI while hearing Michael Novak I realized that I was an "innovator" & he inspired me to work on a platform to communicate the message that you need capitalism to have democracy. That man was so articulate & lucky for me unlike Mr. Buckley whom I met a long time ago his vocabulary I could understand :):)

Call Me   615-415-6675

Here's my first episode of Cocktails with Sharyn.... I'm working on the 2nd one now... remember this is just an "new" concept kindof in draft form