It's Time for a REVOLUTION

Letter Sent to Mike Dorris Credit Suisse, Ed Gillespie for Senate, Medea Benjamin CODEPINK, Reid Weingarten (Best Friend of Eric Holder), Jesselyn Radack (a Snowden's Lawyer), Mark Zaid (Well Known IC Establishment Lawyer), David Garrison (Ex Al Gore Staffer), Elizabeth Loftus (Memory Expert UC Irvine), Mark Silverman (Ex Gannett Editor Ben Bradlee Winner Who Lied to Me), & Park Overall (Environmentalist-Actress-Motivator & Relative Of President Obama) .... Wow What an Eclectic Group of People & My Goal is They Will HELP ME and Help John Kiriakou & at SAME Time Help Make America HEALTHY!!! Too Much Weird Stuff is Happening & I'm SCARED - Election Fraud in 2000 is REAL... Had it NOT Happened the Story of TWO Wars & TWO Towers Would Be Different.