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Robert Mueller KNOWS the Uranium One Deal TIED to the Lockerbie Bombing Cover-Up....

The cover-up was done for National Security reasons. Maybe the JFK cover-up was done for the same. The problem is the DIA delassified the Lockerbie truth & NOBODY believes it cause the MSM won't report it. Ppl that profited from doing the cover-up wanted to "protect their cash cows"..... The fact is there's no reason to keep the JFK records sealed and there's no reason to keep the Lockerbie case sealed. If we get a RULE that all docs from cover-ups done for National Security reasons MUST be released in 15 years then profiteering from cover-ups won't happen. Mueller was a decent dude & he got sucked into something that propelled him to FBI Director, then he promoted his "underlings" that helped with the cover-up and what do they specialize in COVER_UPS. The Intel community is suffering from "lack of truth"... i'm asked to go to a lot of meeting with ppl from the CIA and the lower level people are "clueless".... The FB…

Message to JEFF FLAKE

Senator Flake iReally thought you'd be more of a challenge.   Sir because YOU retired iKnow gotta go to Alaska & iWanted to spend time with the Arizona voters. IHad already invested in hours doing op research on your donors. 

You Sir are a total disappointment! 

Two days ago i sent this out & a day later one of my targets retired. Had it been a target from a "colder state" i wouldv'e been a hell of a lot happier.  

The movement to #DrainTheSwamp is getting BIGGER & Progressives are joining too.  For America to be great again we need ALL ethical bloggers to FOCUS ON THE FRAUD!!!  

After a 6 month break from blogging I'm back!!!

People at the Justice Department told me they can't prosecute Deep State white collar criminals until the president's appointments are approved by Congress.  I've been given a list of Establishment protectors of the "status quo" and if the swamp is to be drained these rats have to leave.   It's time to DRAIN…

Awesome Facelift Hillary!

WTF?  She looks younger than me....

New Emoji Proposal for JFK Release


MSM Giving LESS Attention to JFK Doc Release Than to "Who Killed JR Ewing Episode"..... iWas Told the President Being Strong Armed By the CIA

TheCIA wants to delay the release another 25 years

The JFK Document Dump Could Be a FiascoPOLITICO Magazine-Oct 16, 2017 Trump, no stranger to conspiracy theories, including totally unsubstantiated theories about a link between Ted Cruz's father and JFK's death, ...

JFK's CIA Director John McCone Belonged to the SAME Country Club as My Grandfather & Mom.... Some Ppl there Wanted My mom DEAD & They Wanted Me to Slander The Reagan Legacy & I Just Said NO

A 2013 poll found that only 30% of Americans believe Oswald shot JFK, and that he acted alone. 61% believed that others were involved in a conspiracy.

NEW Data shows over 80% think a conspiracy happened.  I predict Tin Foil Hats Will Be BIG This Halloween 
I heard the CIA pays people to read my tweets and my blogs... I'd like the boys in the clique at Langley to "chew on this"....   Paybacks a Bitch and her name is Sharyn :):) 
Also a few years ago i was asked to remember things that DID NOT HAPPEN ppl want to blame President Reagan for the other "Iran Deal" and they wanted me to say in 1979 I heard the hostages would be released when Reagan was in charge BUT that was wrong what I heard from Ed Herring (Ed Daly's best friend & chief pilot of world airways, during a very ugly pilots strike) was "the pilots will have more hours when the republicans are in charge"... never did I hear the word Reagan.  Also my mom told me it was Howard Baker who want…