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Is It a NEW Day in Cuba: Most American's Want President Elect Trump to Continue the Normalization w/Cuba & Fidel's Death "Might" Make That Happen.....

4/16 Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : Cuban Blogger & Frequent Flier

Mar 18, 2013 - Cuban Blogger & Frequent Flier Yoani Sanchez Comments on Marco Rubio are WHY I Believe it's Time to Integrate SLOWLY By Sending ...

Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : This Voice Made it to Cuba

Aug 16, 2016 - This Voice Made it to Cuba BEFORE Madonna BUT After the Kardashians .... Like OMG!!! Going to Cuba is Cool & I'm Riding the Wave, Usually ... Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : After Clinton Org Started Funding

Donald Trump Backing Away from Prosecution Clinton Foundation Issues is a BIG Mistake... He Loses Trust From His Base: Personally Hearing His Words on 60 Minutes "I'm Disgusted at His Hypocrisy ... WTF: Trump Campaigns on the Hashtag #CrookedHillary Then Says Their "Nice People".....

NISSAN has almost 4 BILLION in IDB debt with Rutherford County, TN
NISSAN has IDB debt with the city of Franklin TN
NISSAN does business with IRAN (via Renault)
NISSANis using OUTDATED technology in the Leaf EV
NISSAN is NOT planning on creating the jobs promised to congress
NISSAN committed FRAUD and Sharyn Bovat is fighting for the American taxpayer

Most ppl know iUsed to date a retired well respected FBI counter-intel agent. Ppl connected to him told me that there were LOTS of ppl planning to resign because a LOT of "ongoing" investigations were "going NO WHERE"... 
I was asked to communicate the email story on my blogs and to get the MSM to report it. In August 2015 I went to Iowa and "tried" to get Huma to talk to me. They roped her off in what i called the #HumaZone. I took a selfie just to show ppl I "tried".

In 2011 I attended a RICO meeting in Tennessee that started an investigation into massive corruption (that was proven to be linked to the …

Ex Intel Gatherer Encourages Trump Administration to Hire Ex Intel Committee Leader Mike Rogers as Head of CIA. Mike Rogers the Former Michigan Lawmaker Should Take John Brennan's Role at CIA

I'm recommending Mike Rogers for CIA leadership cause iKNOW he knows how the "deals are done" and my grandfather told me "it takes people that helped create a mess to fix it...."    :):) Sharyn Bovat

Bottomline: I believe Mike Rogers LOVES America & will be able to "turn the boat around".

Search ResultsVoice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : James Comey Till the FBI that Oct 18, 2015 - James Comey Till the FBI that Mike Rogers is Linked to Bradley Podliska (think Air Force) then the Truth of Benghazi & Hillary Clinton's ... Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : UPDATE of UPDATE ***UPDATE Oct 14, 2015 - UPDATE of UPDATE ***UPDATE*** Bradley Podliska Tied to Ex House Intel Chief M…

Loretta Lynch DOJ & James Comey FBI is NISSAN (a Clinton Foundation Donor) NOW Gonna Be Prosecuted for FRAUD in Reference tot he 2010 EV Stimulas - I Was Told They LIED to Congress About Their Tech & the # of Jobs They'd Create?