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Tax Reform is a Bigger Bust than Dolly Parton: I'm Surprised Al Franken Doesn't Think it's Attractive


Final tax reform bill starts the necessary destruction of Obamacare  (YOU tell me HOW a person who makes 50k a year and gets NO healthcare subsidies can afford 19k OUT OF POCKET in health insurance).  

Because the bill included repealing the individual mandate a majority of working moderates approve the new law.

I ran my #'s and i'm hosed because I have HIGH health insurance premiums (once my divorce COBRA expires). 19k for premiums & deductible and only getting a few hundred dollars extra is not what i expected. 

The CURRENT GOP Plan is a Recipe for "How to Become a Minority Party"....

Is the GOP Committing Political Suicide with "Lack of Tax Reform" The Middle Class is SUFFERING!!!   Cut Taxes on the Middle Class This Year & You'll inject CASH Into the Economy OR Cut Corporate Taxes BUT Insist Corporation Put Money Back into Economy & NOT Given to Rich Shareholders.  Bottomline ... "If" GOP Cuts Corporate Taxes To Help the Middle Class Mandate Job Creation & Increased Wages.. Still The Effects Won't Happen UNTIL After 2018 Elections. 

Of all the articles on Tax Reform Fortune article shows the issue best by including  Reuters/Ipsos poll results click HERE for article 

The poll found 79% think its more important to cut taxes for the middle class than for corporations, and 76% think its more important to cut taxes for the poor than for corporations. However, 76% said it was more important to cut taxes for corporations than it was to cut taxes for the wealthy.
The strongest opposition came to the Republican proposal to eliminate d…