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Christopher Wray & David Bowdich at the FBI The Voice of a Moderate Connecting the Dots.... Sarkozy Corruption to Clinton Corruption to NISSAN CEO FRAUDULENTLY Taking 1.6 Billion of the 2010 Stimulus, to Putin, to the Lockerbie Bombing COVER-Up. Put on Your Seat Belts... VROOM!!!!

Mi6 source with VERY strong ties to a Qatar Prince told me Gaddafi funded Sarkozy's campaign....  i put it on a blog. Austrian police found Ghanem’s body in the Danube in Vienna on April 29, 2012, one week after the first round of presidential elections that the incumbent Sarkozy was contesting, and one day after Mediapart revealed the document signed by Koussa. The American ambassador to Libya at the time, the late Chris Stevens, wrote in an email to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in June 2012 that “not one Libyan I have spoken to believes he flung himself into the Danube, or suddenly clutched his heart in pain and slipped silently into the river. Most believe he was silenced by regime members or else by foreign mafia types.”  from the Intercept YESTERDAYWhy Did the US and Its Allies Bomb Libya? Corruption Case Against ... The Intercept-Apr 28, 2018  Last month, French police detained and questioned Sarkozy about illicit payments Gaddafi is said to have made to Sarkozy's 20…