United Airlines Gets KUDOS for Tweeting Angry Traveler & Anthony B. I Could NOT Agree with You More...

Bob Dickey is Gannett Gonna KEEP Suppresses Stories.... Say it Is NOT So? Hire ME? Then People Will KNOW They'll Get the TRUTH!!!

Brain Update - Arachnoid Cyst is Being Monitored as of NOW I'm OK.... Read About Blue Ridge Mom Jessica Bason

Damnit Google I'm NOT Crazy I'm CRANKY - It's Better Than "Lying" James Clapper Category or "Lizard" Donald Rumsfeld Category - WOW!!! Larry Page HATES Amy Kremer - I Think She's Nicer Than WHAT She's Portrayed?

Just Tweeted Oliver Stone about Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up & JFK..... I Hear He LOVES the JFK Stuff.... Maybe They are CONNECTED!!!!