Brain Update - Arachnoid Cyst is Being Monitored as of NOW I'm OK.... Read About Blue Ridge Mom Jessica Bason

Jessica Bason a Blue Ridge Mountain Mom has an Arachnoid cyst BIGGER than my fibroid... ouch!!!
Mine is the size of a "grape" and is being monitored.
Link below to Jessica's story....
The cyst had shifted her brain over 6 centimeters, she was told. “Because it was shifting up against my skull…there was no more room for the cyst to grow any bigger.”
Surgery took place on July 5. The cyst, Bason said, was “one of the biggest cysts – at 10.1 centimeters - the doctors had ever seen.” The craniotomy , in which the surgeon cut the cyst sac and drained it, took 8 ½ hours

Floyd woman recuperating from brain surgery for removal of ...

Southwest Virginia Today-Nov 15, 2013
On July 2, she went to an emergency room, and doctors there ordered a CT Scan, which revealed an arachnoid cyst. Within hours, she was transported to ...

To the viewer that asked "how can i think about anything BUT my 'brain bump' the answer is NOW that i know I might have to slow down I'm fighting harder..... NISSAN game on!!

The bruises healed....  YES!!! All this from tripping on "uneven pavement" and the CT scan showed a "aracnoid cyst" one that has to be monitored....  In a way it was a MIRICLE