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Scott DesJarlais Gets a Boost From Jezebel in the Middle Tennessee Hypocrisy Award Hunt

"... as far as I'm aware. I feel the need to make that distinction in light of the fact that conservative pro-family values anti-abortion rights Scott DesJarlais — who had affairs with 3 coworkers, 2 patients, 1 drug company rep, and a partridge in a pear tree while serving as chief of staff at a Tennessee hospital AND pressured his wife to have two abortions and also pressured his mistress to have an abortion — announced over Thanksgiving that he won't resign from his post as a US Congressman, so it doesn't seem that far-fetched that a governor would make lewd calls to 22-year-old sex survey respondents..."    Jezebel

Scott DesJarlais is Being Challenged for Biggest Good Ole Boy Hypocrite in Tennessee Award You don't become #1 in corruption without Teamwork

Staats raised eyebrows in late September with a Facebook post in which he showed a photo of his handgun and wrote, “Welcome to Tennessee Mr. Obama.” He said he was not threatening the president.

Congressional candidate Brad Staats arrested on assault chargeThe Tennessean-3 hours ago Less than three weeks after completing a losing bid for Congress, Republican nominee Brad Staatswas arrested on a domestic assault charge ...
Former candidate charged with domestic assault
WKRN-1 hour ago Staats arrested on domestic charge
Nashville Post (subscription) (blog)-4 hours ago all 9 news sources »

Tennessee is a SICK twisted state 

with a LOT of messed up people...

They jail whistleblowers

Delicious Twitter Fight Between Rogue Felon GOP Bloggers and Liberals Who Are Righteously Bashing RNC Extremist Yet Wrongfully Bashing Karl Rove.... Anita Moncrief - Girlfriend YOU Need to Tell the Truth. Your Gonna Make the CPAC Organizers Look Stupid for Valuing You as a Speaker. Bill Murphy Helped Destroy the Romney Campaign NOW Anita, Ali Akbar and Robert Stacy McCain are Connected to Sarah Palin Supporters... Were You Supporting Sarah By Doing BAD Social Media For Romney?

Read the WHOLE Thing... Then Encourage Your Member of Congress to INSIST on Investigations into the Phony 501c3's.....

Operation Airhead - Memoirs of a CIA Playdate Written By a Woman WHO Would Rather Have a Normal Life & That Can ONLY Happen if NISSAN Mediates....

Loved the Quote - Thank You Haley!!! Sir Can YOU Have BGR Lobby NISSAN to Mediate?

“You have this young crop of attractive, successful, proven problem-solvers.... Old guys like me have to get out of the way.”former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said. 

Sir, I'm sorry to tell you that Scott DesJarlais took YOUR spot on

Sal Russo Emerges in USA Today Article..


Bob Dickey Protects Sal Russo....   I'm Sending an Email to Shareholders of Gannett to Prove the BIAS. By Getting Wackos to Win Primaries and Keeping Joe Arpaio The GOP WIll NEVER Control the White House.... Bob's Brilliant and Sal is a Sucker for the Greenback.

Kansas City Star Fewer moderates in new CongressUSA TODAY-7 hours ago Sal Russo, strategist for the Tea Party Express, said such departures would be balanced by newly elected conservatives, including the Senate's ...

Sal Does NOT Care about winning he just likes money.

Scott DesJarlais Let NISSAN Financially Rape the Tax Payers...KNOWING They Do Business in IRAN ..Why?

Scott DesJarlais Reelection Reveals Tea Party HypocrisyPolicyMic-Nov 21, 2012 The laughable truth of Scott DesJarlais's abortion record revealed and reviled him as a fraud not only in the political sense, but as the epitome ... "Pro-Life" GOP Congressman Scott DesJarlais Sure Likes AbortionSlate Magazine (blog)-Nov 16, 2012 Scott DesJarlais a hypocrite. Yes, the anti-abortion congressman pressured one of his multitudes of mistresses to have an abortion and, as has ... Chattanooga Times Free Press Anti-Abortion Congressman Scott DesJarlais is Still a Massive Fraud

Mitt Romney Could Have Been President Had He Listened to The Establishment. I Can PROVE It....

Got Proof Unsavory Tea Partiers Connected to Crony Capitalism Linked to PJ Media... Sean Hannity Has Some Crocked Friends..... Ouch!!!

 "We believe he's an environmentalist at heart. He's gone to the dark side."  Quote from a Wall Street Journal article ....It's from a Tea Party Activist from Murfreesboro Tennessee 

I think it's a little "weird" most people do NOT think environmentalism is the "dark side" it shows you how "out of touch" people in Tennessee are.  They're  48th in education.

That said: The people connected to the Tea Party movement in Tennessee have terrorized me.  They have slandered me. 

Recently I got an audio tape that connects the Tea Party activist in Tennessee to PJ Media.  They knew like Anita Moncrief (connected to Sal Russo) about major fraud, discrimination, & a foreign company (NISSAN) getting taxpayer money that does business with IRAN.
The people at PJ Media are connected to many associated with Breitbart's people & they are c…