Scott DesJarlais Gets a Boost From Jezebel in the Middle Tennessee Hypocrisy Award Hunt

Scott DesJarlais is Being Challenged for Biggest Good Ole Boy Hypocrite in Tennessee Award You don't become #1 in corruption without Teamwork

Delicious Twitter Fight Between Rogue Felon GOP Bloggers and Liberals Who Are Righteously Bashing RNC Extremist Yet Wrongfully Bashing Karl Rove.... Anita Moncrief - Girlfriend YOU Need to Tell the Truth. Your Gonna Make the CPAC Organizers Look Stupid for Valuing You as a Speaker. Bill Murphy Helped Destroy the Romney Campaign NOW Anita, Ali Akbar and Robert Stacy McCain are Connected to Sarah Palin Supporters... Were You Supporting Sarah By Doing BAD Social Media For Romney?

Operation Airhead - Memoirs of a CIA Playdate Written By a Woman WHO Would Rather Have a Normal Life & That Can ONLY Happen if NISSAN Mediates....

Loved the Quote - Thank You Haley!!! Sir Can YOU Have BGR Lobby NISSAN to Mediate?

Sal Russo Emerges in USA Today Article..

Scott DesJarlais Let NISSAN Financially Rape the Tax Payers...KNOWING They Do Business in IRAN ..Why?

Mitt Romney Could Have Been President Had He Listened to The Establishment. I Can PROVE It....

Got Proof Unsavory Tea Partiers Connected to Crony Capitalism Linked to PJ Media... Sean Hannity Has Some Crocked Friends..... Ouch!!!