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Hillary Clinton's DNC Allies Dirty Tricks Created the Death of Democracy....According to Bernie Sanders Voters & Maybe it Was the Sun Berning Me BUT I Believe Them

Yes Bernie Supporters the System IS Rigged: Just Ask Bob Dickey of Gannett

Trump's Bounce Shows GOP is Unified.... & Has a Hell of a Lot Less Problems Than the Dems

The RNC convention started with Enid: Then Scott Baio, at that point i was a little nervous

Than the evening got heated with Benghazi
Rudy was Awesome 

Tiffany Trump stole the show... she humanized her dad.  Melania Trump was poised & my focus group thought she did well. 

The Major Networks Covered 1 hour a night... too late for many on the East Coast

It Was Just a TOUGH Day

Today iCried for TWA 800 & iSaid a prayer for the Lockerbie families

TOMORROW Over 6 Million Page View....  Nice to Know MY VOICE is Heard:):)

James Comey fbi, Paul Ryan , James Clapper, John Brennan Cia, Caroline Krass CIA, Leslie Caldwell DOJ HOW do you tell hardworking people w/clearances to RESPECT Hillary?

Maybe "this" is why America has so many problems.......

personally I like the Bush family.... this is just a suggestion.