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Ed Gillespie How Close are You to Haley Barbour - I Think His Gig is Up…. James Comey Please Tell the FBI That's Why I Sent US Attorney Paul Fishman Information. Maybe He'll Question Mark Silverman- His Kid Got TWO Jobs From His Haley Barbour Connections. I've Got Proof that a Good Ole Boy Network Linked to the JFK Cover Up Exist. Today is the Day to Start America's Clean Up :):)

The Good Ole Boy Network/Syndicate that has terrorized me has Deep Texan Roots & the 3rd Generation was led by Erik Prince. It's now led by Tom Ingram… still the Political Godfather is Haley Barbour.  Chris Christie just told school children he "loved the Godfather"… Hello "everyone in the family says it's their favorite movie"…..  

In the fall of 1946, the late W. Porter Grace, then manager of the Industrial Department of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce, hosted a small group in Memphis, Tennessee to discuss mutual interests and problems relating to industrial development in the South. Feeling the need for closer communication with his fellow professionals, he had invited 24 men from throughout the South who were involved in various aspects of industrial development.

Thus, the Southern Industrial Development Council was born. After meeting for two and a half days, the group agreed to continue this type of discussion at Birmingham, Alabama the following ye…

John Brennan As a Taxpayer I Want to Know is the CIA Funding Dennis Rodman?

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Gets Support from DOD Whistleblower: Sharyn Bovat Says that Development Issues are Tied to a Racist Political Element Linked to the Chamber of Commerce and Haley Barbour

I was the 1st person to wear a Romney Tee shirt in Tennessee for a reason. I did it cause I thought he might win and was scared that if i did not support him then I'd be hurt by those in his administration.
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Later I had learned from Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean and Ben Bradlee winner  that people linked to the Chamber of Commerce - military industrial complex and building contractors were part of the reason WHY I was bullied. They wanted me to support Haley Barbour. Years ago I had worked for his nephew Henry & I knew that they're linked the element in society responsible for the Martin Luther King bullying.  I was SCARED & knowing job creation was bad  I supported Mitt Romney… So Dawn Zimmer I BELIEVE  YOU!!!   
Dawn Zimmer -Thank you for being brave and standing up for ALL of America.
Henry Barbour - I'm at 95% that Your Uncle is Connected to Ex CIA…

Karl Rove- Tell Rudy Giuliani & Haley Barbour that Chris Christie is TOAST. Moderate Women HATE People that Bully & Tell Me "If" He Put Those People in Trenton "Who Would He Bring to the White House"…. Tell the Washington Times to Keep Searching for the Next Hawk Poster Boy….

Bridge scandal subpoenas hit Chris Christie's inner circleThe Star-Ledger - David Giambusso-4 hours ago Christie's outgoing chief of staff, his incoming chief of staff, his communications director, chief spokesman, former chief counsel and former ... Subpoenas target Chris Christie aides, office
Politico-4 hours ago Five myths about Chris Christie
Washington Post-6 hours ago Chris Christie's 'Bridgegate' Evolution: From Cracking Jokes to ... Blog -ABC News (blog)-2 hours ago

Chris Christi is Toast

BenghaziGate vs BridgeGate ….. both stories losing interest BUT Still Better Than Anderson Cooper's Pot Pori of Vintage Issues- Average America Cares About the ECONOMY- Healthcare SOLUTIONS & How We'll Get Back Our GLOBAL Reputation… What ABout Iran?

James Comey & the Memphis FBI Why Would Earlie Story STILL Have Sealed Documents in His File…. Documents from the FBI Were UNCLASSIFIED a Few Years Ago That Said He Was INNOCENT!!! Still a "Sealed" Document… Guess it Involves the CIA & is Linked to the Martin Luther King & JFK Assassination? Time to Clean Up American & Un Seal the Documents.

There's a reason WHY James Comey the New FBI Director is making all new agents go to the Martin Luther King memorial.

King’s alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, had long been denied a criminal trial in spite of repeated efforts by the Martin Luther King family. In 1999 the King family commissioned attorney William F. Pepper to pursue a civil wrongful death suit on behalf of Ray, who had died in1998. The case, which called 70 witnesses, was tried in Memphis Circuit Court before Judge James E. Swearengen.  After 30 days of hearing evidence that had never been presented in a court of law, the jury exonerated Ray in a victory for the King family. The 12-person jury instead found a murder conspiracy involving agents of the government of the United States, State of Tennessee, and the City of Memphis.[17]

Dr. Martin Luther King “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” MLK, “Beyond Vietn…

Karl Rove There's a REASON Why Moderate Women Like Oprah - Why Don't You Act Like Gayle King & Be a Good Friend to Ed Gillespie and Get a Pic of Him Shoveling Snow?

"….the media mogul was caught by her BFF Gayle King fixing a toilet—proving yet again that Oprah can doanything: King, who serves as the editor at large for Oprah'sO magazine, snapped the candid photo on her Instagram…."

Oprah Winfrey Can Fix Her Own Toilet, Thank You Very Much. E! Online‎ - by Lily Harrison‎ - 19 hours ago

James Clapper, James Comey (FBI) Michael Vickers (Rogue Intel Guy) & Stephen Preston of the DOD Even Though the Edward Snowden Leaks Stopped My Source From Sharing MORE Information in reference to the Boston Bombing I'm Happy Edward Did It. Guess I'm TIRED of Being Spied On..

What's weird is there's a Russian mafia connection to the bombing….  Is Putin gonna make him the Olympic flag carrier?  OMG!!! 

Just give Mr. Snowden immunity and bring him home. 

Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam‎

Jun 6, 2013 - Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam Pilot Flying J Story Silent. The Link is Oil Sales and an Oligarch. Bill and Jimmy ...
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Jimmy Haslam's Company Does Business in IRAN Via CVC‎