Ed Gillespie How Close are You to Haley Barbour - I Think His Gig is Up…. James Comey Please Tell the FBI That's Why I Sent US Attorney Paul Fishman Information. Maybe He'll Question Mark Silverman- His Kid Got TWO Jobs From His Haley Barbour Connections. I've Got Proof that a Good Ole Boy Network Linked to the JFK Cover Up Exist. Today is the Day to Start America's Clean Up :):)

John Brennan As a Taxpayer I Want to Know is the CIA Funding Dennis Rodman?

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Gets Support from DOD Whistleblower: Sharyn Bovat Says that Development Issues are Tied to a Racist Political Element Linked to the Chamber of Commerce and Haley Barbour

Karl Rove- Tell Rudy Giuliani & Haley Barbour that Chris Christie is TOAST. Moderate Women HATE People that Bully & Tell Me "If" He Put Those People in Trenton "Who Would He Bring to the White House"…. Tell the Washington Times to Keep Searching for the Next Hawk Poster Boy….

BenghaziGate vs BridgeGate ….. both stories losing interest BUT Still Better Than Anderson Cooper's Pot Pori of Vintage Issues- Average America Cares About the ECONOMY- Healthcare SOLUTIONS & How We'll Get Back Our GLOBAL Reputation… What ABout Iran?

James Comey & the Memphis FBI Why Would Earlie Story STILL Have Sealed Documents in His File…. Documents from the FBI Were UNCLASSIFIED a Few Years Ago That Said He Was INNOCENT!!! Still a "Sealed" Document… Guess it Involves the CIA & is Linked to the Martin Luther King & JFK Assassination? Time to Clean Up American & Un Seal the Documents.

Karl Rove There's a REASON Why Moderate Women Like Oprah - Why Don't You Act Like Gayle King & Be a Good Friend to Ed Gillespie and Get a Pic of Him Shoveling Snow?

James Clapper, James Comey (FBI) Michael Vickers (Rogue Intel Guy) & Stephen Preston of the DOD Even Though the Edward Snowden Leaks Stopped My Source From Sharing MORE Information in reference to the Boston Bombing I'm Happy Edward Did It. Guess I'm TIRED of Being Spied On..