Ed Gillespie How Close are You to Haley Barbour - I Think His Gig is Up…. James Comey Please Tell the FBI That's Why I Sent US Attorney Paul Fishman Information. Maybe He'll Question Mark Silverman- His Kid Got TWO Jobs From His Haley Barbour Connections. I've Got Proof that a Good Ole Boy Network Linked to the JFK Cover Up Exist. Today is the Day to Start America's Clean Up :):)

The Good Ole Boy Network/Syndicate that has terrorized me has Deep Texan Roots & the 3rd Generation was led by Erik Prince. It's now led by Tom Ingram still the Political Godfather is Haley Barbour.  Chris Christie just told school children he "loved the Godfather" Hello "everyone in the family says it's their favorite movie"..  

In the fall of 1946, the late W. Porter Grace, then manager of the Industrial Department of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce, hosted a small group in Memphis, Tennessee to discuss mutual interests and problems relating to industrial development in the South. Feeling the need for closer communication with his fellow professionals, he had invited 24 men from throughout the South who were involved in various aspects of industrial development.

Thus, the Southern Industrial Development Council was born. After meeting for two and a half days, the group agreed to continue this type of discussion at Birmingham, Alabama the following year. The meetings continued on an informal basis at Dallas, Texas (1948), Atlanta, Georgia (1949) and Shreveport, Louisiana (1950).  The Shreveport meeting is one of special significance, since it was decided that if the annual meetings were to be continued, a formal organization was desirable. A committee was appointed to draft a charter and by-laws for the following year's meeting.  (Evidently the MAFIA is linked to the SEDC via Shreveport) The Fort Worth meeting in 1951 is a major milestone in the history of SIDC. It was the first meeting to which an invitation was extended to all practitioners of industrial development in the southern region.

Wanna know how Johnson Became President?  Thank You SIDC which became SEDC

"...Barbour says another advantage for Republican candidates is that they can point to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell as successful role models. Those two governors, he says, "are doing exactly what American people want" by fighting budget deficits…"   Newsmax

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