Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove and Reince Priebus: Get Congress to Pass a Bill Granting Ex Spouses to Keep Insurance Allowing Them Keep Part of Spouses Plan.... If They've Been Married 10 Years or Longer? PLEASE... This Obamacare is Gonna Cost me a FORTUNE..... I Have Assets and Don't Qualify as a Poor Person BUT If I Do This I Will Become Poor.... It's NOT Sustainable for People Like Me.... I'm a MODERATE... Nobody is Looking OUt for Us...

Friday Night Fun

Rupert Murdoch THANKS for Listening to Me... I KNOW You Read My Blog.... I Was RIGHT About Megyn Kelly of FOX News & is as Good as I Thought She'd Be.... I ONLY Agree with her 70% BUT On the Eriik Erikson Interview She Shined!!!!

REINCE PRIEBUS- Looks Like Bobby Jindal is Right- The GOP is the STUPID PARTY.... OMG!!! The RNC is Selling Bumper Stickers to Defend Stupidity!!!!! I'm Embarrassed to Be a Republican

Meet My Cats

Gracia Martore of Gannett is the Lockerbie Truth Cover Up STILL Happening Because You Make a LOT of Money to MUZZLE Your Journalist. Are Editors Just YOUR Bully Dogs? Or is Bob Dickey Tony Blair's Golf Buddy and Ya'll are Protecting Him Cause He Pays the Green Fees? Seriously WHY Not Report REAL News?

Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove PLEASE Remind Mitch McConnell & John Boehner to NOT Leave the Teenagers home alone.....

Rhori Johnston: UK Conspiracy Unravels... NO Not the Lockerbie Bombing Issue BUT the Picture of Tony Blair Taking a Picture of "Himself" in Front of Iraqi Explosion. OMG!!!! It REALLY Happened: Guess IRAN is Also Responsible for Lockerbie Bombing?

Levi Strauss Needed for NEW Iranian-Israeli Conflict.... American Jeans are #1 Superpower

Ed Gillespie IF You See Al Gore in DC Compliment Him On His Style: The Huff Post Gave Gore a Glowing Review.... Also It Sounds Like He's Wearing Socks :):) Someone Thought This Article Was Targeted to Me... Must Be the NISSAN Leaf Comment... I Know He's OFF LIMITS Cause He Has a Girlfriend: WOW!!! Huff Post Says Some in DC Want Gore in 2016 .... Heck If He Did NOT Have a Girlfriend and Lived OUTSIDE of Tennessee I'd Be All Over Him Like Ozone:):) FYI- I Have A Thing for Guys That "Used" To Work at the Tennessean... I'm NOT Talking About Tom Ingram or John Seigenthaler: Sorry Silverman:):)

DOD Whistleblower Affected by Shutdown is Teased by Viewer of Her Blog. Sharyn Bovat Wants the FBI to Investigate FRAUD NOW..She Wants Howard Baker & the Law Firm Baker Donelson Investigated as Part of a Jimmy & Bill Haslam - Tom Ingram- NISSAN - Judge Jeff Bivins, DA Kim Helper- Judge Timothy Easter - Judge Robbie Beal- NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn - Stephen Preston CIA- Kline Preston RICO Investigation. Someone Tell James Comey to Get Someone Back to Work to FIX THE FAX MACHINE!!!!