DOD Whistleblower Affected by Shutdown is Teased by Viewer of Her Blog. Sharyn Bovat Wants the FBI to Investigate FRAUD NOW..She Wants Howard Baker & the Law Firm Baker Donelson Investigated as Part of a Jimmy & Bill Haslam - Tom Ingram- NISSAN - Judge Jeff Bivins, DA Kim Helper- Judge Timothy Easter - Judge Robbie Beal- NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn - Stephen Preston CIA- Kline Preston RICO Investigation. Someone Tell James Comey to Get Someone Back to Work to FIX THE FAX MACHINE!!!!

Clarification Howard Bakers Grandfather started the firm NOW he's the Senior Partner... 

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary

1 day ago - Reid Weingarten: If Gannett Still Helps the CIA and FBI Then I'm Toast. I Don't Want to Die. Tell Eric Holder We Have a Breakthrough On IRAN CONTRA.
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