Levi Strauss Needed for NEW Iranian-Israeli Conflict.... American Jeans are #1 Superpower

"....It started last week when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told BBC's Persian TVthat "if the Iranian people had their way, they'd be wearing bluejeans;.....Iranian elections may not be that free........... But young Iranians are proud of their freedom to choose their own pants, and often they choose jeans."  NPR link below

Iran And Israel Go To Battle ... Over Denim

NPR (blog)-3 hours ago
Iran and Israel are at it again, but at least it's not the nuclear issue. This time it's jeans. It started last week when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ...

Compared at WHAT the Democrats and Republicans are fighting about.... the Denim stuff seems logical.... OMG!!! IS Ted Cruz dumb enough to destroy the economy "just" too look like a winner?