Rhori Johnston: UK Conspiracy Unravels... NO Not the Lockerbie Bombing Issue BUT the Picture of Tony Blair Taking a Picture of "Himself" in Front of Iraqi Explosion. OMG!!!! It REALLY Happened: Guess IRAN is Also Responsible for Lockerbie Bombing?

  1. Tony Blair's crazed selfie included in Imperial War Museum's new ...

    Evening Standard-Oct 9, 2013
    A montage of Tony Blair grinning maniacally as he takes a "selfie" framed by fiery explosions is one of 70 works of art going on display in a ...

Rhori Johnston: You can't make this shit up.....  

On Oct 10, 2013, at 2:52 PM, Rhori Johnston <rjohnston@jrn.com> wrote:
I'm so embarrassed.  Your amazing detective work caught me in the act.  Yes, indeed, I got a great deal when I leased a Nissan Altima 6 years ago.  In fact, we "fixed" the paperwork -- Nissan actually PAID me to drive their car.  It was great.  I'm now a "Good Ole Boy" and I get free stuff all the time.  I don't pay for anything anymore.  It's amazing.  We're all in on it.  And we're ALL out to get you.  Not just Nissan... but all of corporate America and even the government.  It's a vast conspiracy.
Some other things you should know:  there really ARE aliens from other planets living among us.  Their spacecraft are stored at Area 51 in Nevada.  Bigfoot is REAL.  The Loch Ness monster DOES exist. Paul McCartney is really dead.  JFK's assassination was a government cover-up. Vaccinations turn people into zombies.  The government is secretly watching and listening to EVERYTHING.  Oh, and the Apocalypse is near.
Best of luck to you!

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Subject: DOD Whistleblower Has To Deal with Reporters Saying She's Crazy….Trying to Tie Her to ODD Conspiracy Theories … THAT is Morally Wrong and Abusive Sharyn Wants An Apology From Rhori Johnston.
Date: October 10, 2013 3:05:06 PM CDT
To: Rhori Johnston <rjohnston@jrn.com>

The government is secretly watching and listening to EVERYTHING. 

Yes Rhori- I know everything I do is listened to… I was told in DC that I was being "monitored"  YOU are wrong about the Aliens, Paul McCartney, Bigfoot, and area 51… Actually a guy whose dad that was apart of that told me some stuff and it's "creepy" but it was more about the CIA doing Psychological warfare.   

In reference to the JFK thing my grandfather was connected to President Kennedy's CIA director McCone.  Recently the son of a Johnson CIA guy that was recruited out of Texas A & M told me "what" he father said.   My grandfather never told me anything except it would be declassified long after I was dead.  Former Senator Gary Hart seems to have the same "theory"  on JFK of my new Spook friend.    I'm worried about a death threat… and YOU make fun of me.

Sonny Bono was REALLY murdered and your helping to keep that covered up too.  Simply by you NOT reporting news that matters to society.

Google the popular News guy in Tennessee and do an image search..