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Something is Fishy w/John McCain & IRI Global

i i stumbled on an article about John McCain and IRI Global & it was people connected to that group that trained me in the 80's to conduct the "secret polls" & it's why ppl from the Bush H admin wanted me to go to Iowa and other places during the last election. I was never told who "sponsored me" for some of my travels/conferneces but the ppl that paid for my drinks were VERY Pro Jeb.... lovely ppl:):)
Anyway below is a link to an article about John McCain and a BIG conflict of interest he has with IRI Global. He sits on the Senate Foreign Policy committee that hands out taxpayer money to USAID, kindof a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!
When you see the history of IRI you'll see It's kindof creepy. The conference i went to in Belgium that had a LOT of UN ppl & organizations funded by Soro's including LOTS of ppl John Podesta emailed that conference was considered bipartisan because of IRI Global being in attendance and running a panel. The R…