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Moderate Women Support Roger Ailes Megyn Kelly ... Also Thanks "Uncle Rupert" for Giving Her the Gig:):)

I know it's not lady life to brag but I'll toot my own horn on this.... 
My "thoughts" were used by upper Fox News management to put Megyn Kelly in her current role and iStand with my demographic (GOP leaning moderates) in supporting Fox News.
If Donald Trump "can't be a team player" then how can he rule the world's superpower.  COMPROMISE is key to diplomatic success
Look at dates of my past blog posts about Megyn Kelly:):)

Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : Rupert Murdoch Oct 24, 2013 - Rupert Murdoch THANKS for Listening to Me... I KNOW You Read My Blog.... I Was RIGHT About Megyn Kelly of FOX News & is as Good as I ... Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : Message to Fox News Nov 21, 2012 - Keep Bill O'Reilly & Ditch Sean Hannity for Megyn Kelly. Sean Hannity is NOT connecting with 53…

Donald Trump Listed as Issue in Recent Research Done by Former Op-Researcher for Karl Rover Operatives Who Was Trained by Sal Russo (Tea Party Express Guru) People in the Reagan Era. Sharyn's (My) Research is Considered "GRADE A" The NEW Report Shows the Issues Moderate Voters Juggle With When Deciding "Who" to vote for in 2016. See the Highlights Below. Also, Sharyn (I) Will Be in South Carolina for the Primary to Assess Super Tuesday Possibilities

The NY "Clinton" Times reported a recent poll (Quinnipiac is VERY credible) 
"...A survey from Quinnipiac University found that 49 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers supported Mr. Sanders and that 45 percent backed Mrs. Clinton. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points...."

Chris Christie CORRECT About Marco Rubio Comments

I'm totally NOT a Chris Christie supporter BUT he's "spot on" in saying Marco Rubio was immature with his comment about the blizzard.

The storm affected LOTS of people and many who only make wages when they "actually work"...  a federal contractor reminded me that when the government shut down the federal employees got paid for the down time BUT the vendors did not.  That is why Ted Cruz scares the crap out of them

"......Mr. Rubio, campaigning in New Hampshire on Friday, joked that the storm is “probably one of the best things to happen to the republic in quite a while” because it temporarily prevented the federal government from issuing new regulations and President Obama from signing executive orders. The remark left Mr. Christie furious on Sunday as he confronted dangerous coastal flooding across his home state of New Jersey. “That’s a difference,” Mr. Christie said on CNN, “between a United States senator who has never been responsible for anythi…

Des Moines Register By Endorsing Marco Rubio & Hillary Clinton Has Endorsed Dick Cheney's Favorite Candidates
Call Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599 to Find Out WHY BOTH Hillary Clinton & Marco Rubio are Dick Cheney's Favorites 

Joe Scarborough Says Al Gore Obsessed About Deciding Whether or NOT to Run for President in 2016

"... even Al Gore who friends say have been obsessed with the issue whether he should jump into the race or not? "....  Joe Scarborough 

Told Ya!!!

For the record i think he and Tipper will reunite BUT until that happens I'm following the "rules" ... it's not easy being a finalist in the 2016 Presidential Edition of the BACHELOR:):) 

If Al does chose me the good news for the GOP is that there will a republican in the White House, she'll be advocate for those that suffer from PTSD & growing "legal" pot in the White House garden :):) 

Monmouth Poll Says "Sanders a 14-point lead over Clinton among voters likely to participate in that state's Democratic primary"...... .

Vermont senator leads among every major voting bloc

In a Quinnipiac University poll out on Tuesday, Sanders was even ahead of Clinton among likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa, where Clinton has long held the advantage. That survey found Sanders with 49% support to Clinton's 44%. Last month, the same pollster found Clinton with 51% and Sanders with 40%. Below are pictures of my day.... everyday I educate myself on "what" the people that run America are thinking.... I do this at "Think Tanks" & right now ALL of America needs to do the same & tell their member of congress HOW you want them to vote cause "if" you don't the lobbyist will 

Matt Schlapp This Voice of a Moderate Getting Ready for CPAC 2016

Congress is working 10 days this month (in DC) if you want to know what's going on at the nations capital (on your behalf by your representatives) clickHERE

I'm heading back to tomorrow getting ready to take on a new year of investigative blogging & every year I share issues that the hardworking taxpayers care about at CPAC.  

YES I'm a political moderate BUT when it comes to taxes I'm a fiscal HAWK:):)

My goal is to have
ready byCPAC