Moderate Women Support Roger Ailes Megyn Kelly ... Also Thanks "Uncle Rupert" for Giving Her the Gig:):)

Donald Trump Listed as Issue in Recent Research Done by Former Op-Researcher for Karl Rover Operatives Who Was Trained by Sal Russo (Tea Party Express Guru) People in the Reagan Era. Sharyn's (My) Research is Considered "GRADE A" The NEW Report Shows the Issues Moderate Voters Juggle With When Deciding "Who" to vote for in 2016. See the Highlights Below. Also, Sharyn (I) Will Be in South Carolina for the Primary to Assess Super Tuesday Possibilities

Chris Christie CORRECT About Marco Rubio Comments

Des Moines Register By Endorsing Marco Rubio & Hillary Clinton Has Endorsed Dick Cheney's Favorite Candidates

Joe Scarborough Says Al Gore Obsessed About Deciding Whether or NOT to Run for President in 2016

Monmouth Poll Says "Sanders a 14-point lead over Clinton among voters likely to participate in that state's Democratic primary"...... .

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