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The GOP, God and Guns: Who Pays for These Polls?

55% of Tea Party supporters think you should be allowed to bring concealed weapons to church or a place of worship. By strong contrast, 76% of Americans as a whole believe that people should not be allowed carry concealed guns into a church or place of worship.

Liberal Propaganda Blog Gives Idea to Bovat: CPAC "Light" Should Focus on Energy Independence, Free Markets, Schools Choice & National Security. By Having it in Las Vegas the GOP Might Turn Some Blue States Purple. Are YOU In Al? Seriously. Budweiser Makes a "Light".... Many Sponsors Would Enjoy Marketing to the West Coast. Win-Win.. Hey Maybe at Wynn?

The majority of the other sponsors and co-sponsors were attending CPAC to push forward their ideological issues or companies. Co-sponsors included Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, Christians United for Israel, FreedomWorks, The American Petroleum Institute, Tea Party Patriots and the New York State Conservative Party.
But in the way back of the hall, at the exhibition booths, there were some real characters. Back there I found a mannequin adorned with body armor and a fake m-16. There was a booth selling books by Glenn Beck, Scott Rasmussen and Herman Cain. A second amendment advocate told me, "guns are the civilian defense weapon." A student at the Students for Life of America booth told me he didn't support abortions for women who were raped, "Two wrongs don't make a right, even though the rapist is a criminal, the child is still innocent."
I was surprised to see a booth back there advocating for the elimination of crony capitalism. I asked…

Self Driving Cars GREAT For the Elderly & IF a Drone Gives a Car a Ticket, Who Pays?

It's NOT a CPAC "Lite" Concept... It's the RNC Hosting a Convention for the Coalitions. If Reince Priebus is SERIOUS About Diversity Issues He Can Contact Win WIn Strategic Solutions. I'll be Reaching Out to the Hispanic & Asian Coalitions, GOP Women's Groups, Small Company Business Leaders, GoProud & More. We'll Welcome EVERYONE - Our Speakers Will Reflect the VIews of the Demographic the GOP Needs to WIn.

This is a "Concept" for the RNC We'll do it in Vegas in January 2014. Since I have to live there for 6 weeks it's a  "win-win"  more soon at

GoProud & Others are ENCOURAGED to take part in organizing a steering committee.Reince Priebus are YOU In?

Former Sen. Rick Santorum was asked about Christie’s CPAC snub on CNN on Wednesday. Santorum declined to comment on the organization’s decision but said that it just showed how diverse the Republican party is. “My feeling is… the great thing about the Republican Party is unlike the Democratic Party, there is a fair amount of diversity in our party. 
Read more:

OK  we'll NOT let Jillian do the dessert table:):)

Can someone pass a law ensuring Drones will NOT be used for traffic violations ?

I talked to a person working with Drone technology & brought up the question about their usage in the United States.  Because of legislation Virginia is considering the topic came up.  AFTER the conversation my biggest concern is Drones will be used to cite people with speeding tickets.  
As a sporadic lead foot driver that sometimes goes 5 miles above the limit I fear letters in the mail.  Due to that fear I will use cruise control "more" frequently. 
Could a Drone be used to "take out" a meth labs?  I do NOT know?  Then I would think the DEA and the FBI would be involved.  Basically I would think that any drone activity in the US would be done ONLY in extreme cases.  
Can someone pass a law ensuring Drones will NOT be used for traffic violations ?

Paul has previous stated that he will  do “whatever it takes” to delay the Brennan confirmation until the nominee answers whether Americans can legally be killed by drone strikes inside the United States.

Sharyn Bovat is Going to "TRY" to Unite the GOP Left Wing with the Establishment & Tea Party

Launching March 15th at CPAC


Does Anyone else "think" that America Should replace Cuba with North Korea on the Terrorist List?

North Korea has a NUKE and is NOT Terrorist Nation List?

George W. Bush struck North Korea from the list in 2008, according to the Boston Globe.

CUBA is?
The Boston Globe reported Thursday that high-level U.S. officials have concluded thatCuba no longer fits the definition of a state sponsor of terror and should be removed from the list, which only includes three other countries -- Iran, Sudan and Syria. Kerry is reviewing the policy and has discussed it with officials, the paper reports. Pictures of Cubans Living in Terrorist Nation

Pictures of North Korea NOT a Terrorist Nation

Bill Murphy - Ali Akbar I'm Going to CPAC 2013 to Start a New Blog Meant to UNITE the GOP - That is WHY I Applied to BlogBash. My Goal is to Find Common Ground with Wingers From BOTH Sides of the Plane. Are YOU In?

"My odds of getting into BlogBash are equal to this princess getting a date to the prom"  :):) Sharyn

Applying to BlogBash I had flashbacks to high school the self proclaimed GOP "Cool People" including:  Ali Akbar & Bill Murphy/  They're creating a list of "WHO " is acceptable for their party at CPAC.   The fact is they ALL belong to the same HIGH SCHOOL if I get rejected by the BLOGBASH vetting team (led by a man I've bashed on my blog)  I won't be upset - in fact if I get accepted to their "soiree" I will be surprised.  Let's see if Diversity is really the goal.  I want a big GOP tent- do they? 

Still every person enjoys a good reunion now and then.  I want to go because I want to NETWORK and try to unite the GOP Tea Party wing with the "Left" wing of the party.  It's the ONLY way to win in 2014 & 2016.  Boys - The balls in YOUR court. Do you want the GOP to be big tent?
See ya'll at CPAC

Did you check ou…

Moderate's Want Mediation on Sequester & Message to the American Liberty Alliance Allies: After Sequester Battle I Predict a GOP Scandal to Emerge: It's Connected to a Blog Post From September, I Have NO Idea How it's Gonna Play Out.

Too many are reading this:

All I know is that the IRS will provide Justice to "whoever" is responsible for one of my death threats.  Since I have not had a threat in a while THANK YOU for stopping. 

Remember - The GOP needs to be a big tent and "the family" needs to get along.

America needs two healthy parties otherwise a third will emerge (Libertarian) and that would create too many transitions in DC & cause chaos globally. The fact is America is a Superpower and we need stability.

American leaders MUST cut a deal with President Obama to stop budget cuts that would harm America's National Security & ALSO stop cuts that would harm average Americans.

Lets stop giving money to countries like Pakistan UNTIL they learn how to be on America's team.

What Do Iran and Israel Have in Common?

Today people in Iran and Israel

Also "someone" in Pakistan Likes my Hillary Clinton Lesbian Panda Protest Video...  Huh...

Tony Blair Hypocrite in Minimum Wage Issue....

I believe in Free Markets Jobs BUT Hate Hypocrites.  This is PURE Elitism.  

This way ONLY children of rich people can experience the Tony Blair internship. 

Given that it was Tony Blair’s own Labour government that introduced the minimum wage law in 1998 – and he has said that the legislation is one of his proudest achievements from his time in power – we have no doubt that the former prime minister will have made sure his internships do not break the law. We also know that he has plenty of money to pay his junior staff, as he is said to be worth £20m a year and the owner of six homes.

Review of AL Gores Book Reviews

Yet, the success of Gore’s speech can be best characterized not by the abundance of roaring laughter and vigorous applause, but by the murmured conversations of Marin residents as they filed out the door, asking, “Can you imagine if he were President?”

He's really the liberal Rumsfeld in reference to Gore the known unknown about the known facts are factually known.

"...He mentions the prospect of women being engineered to produce sperm, making men obsolete, and sounds almost pro-life in his concern for discarded embryos...On the other hand, he notes the many upsides....allowing gay and lesbian couples to have children who are biologically their own..."Wall Street journal Book Review It is easy, particularly on this side of the Atlantic, to dismiss Gore as a bloated blowhard – a swag-bellied hypocrite who campaigns against Big Oil while selling his Left-wing television network (the …

Nasty Comment About Moderates Un-Called for - Obviously The Guy Does NOT Think My Lesbian Panda Video is Cute:(:(