The GOP, God and Guns: Who Pays for These Polls?

Liberal Propaganda Blog Gives Idea to Bovat: CPAC "Light" Should Focus on Energy Independence, Free Markets, Schools Choice & National Security. By Having it in Las Vegas the GOP Might Turn Some Blue States Purple. Are YOU In Al? Seriously. Budweiser Makes a "Light".... Many Sponsors Would Enjoy Marketing to the West Coast. Win-Win.. Hey Maybe at Wynn?

Self Driving Cars GREAT For the Elderly & IF a Drone Gives a Car a Ticket, Who Pays?

It's NOT a CPAC "Lite" Concept... It's the RNC Hosting a Convention for the Coalitions. If Reince Priebus is SERIOUS About Diversity Issues He Can Contact Win WIn Strategic Solutions. I'll be Reaching Out to the Hispanic & Asian Coalitions, GOP Women's Groups, Small Company Business Leaders, GoProud & More. We'll Welcome EVERYONE - Our Speakers Will Reflect the VIews of the Demographic the GOP Needs to WIn.

Can someone pass a law ensuring Drones will NOT be used for traffic violations ?

Sharyn Bovat is Going to "TRY" to Unite the GOP Left Wing with the Establishment & Tea Party

Does Anyone else "think" that America Should replace Cuba with North Korea on the Terrorist List?

Bill Murphy - Ali Akbar I'm Going to CPAC 2013 to Start a New Blog Meant to UNITE the GOP - That is WHY I Applied to BlogBash. My Goal is to Find Common Ground with Wingers From BOTH Sides of the Plane. Are YOU In?

Moderate's Want Mediation on Sequester & Message to the American Liberty Alliance Allies: After Sequester Battle I Predict a GOP Scandal to Emerge: It's Connected to a Blog Post From September, I Have NO Idea How it's Gonna Play Out.

What Do Iran and Israel Have in Common?

Tony Blair Hypocrite in Minimum Wage Issue....

Review of AL Gores Book Reviews

Nasty Comment About Moderates Un-Called for - Obviously The Guy Does NOT Think My Lesbian Panda Video is Cute:(:(