James Comey the "Dots are Connecting" I Hope the FBI & The Justice Department are on the SAME PAGE. Americans Don't Want Another Benghazi

James Comey Till the FBI that Mike Rogers is Linked to Bradley Podliska (think Air Force) then the Truth of Benghazi & Hillary Clinton's Bi-partisan network linked to the US Chamber is EXPOSED

UPDATE of UPDATE ***UPDATE*** Bradley Podliska Tied to Ex House Intel Chief Mike Rogers: James Comey An FBI Investigation Needs to Be Done Into the House Investigation of Benghazi

Al Gore I Created Your 2016 Campaign Logo & The NEXT National Press Club Debate Party Might Include the Appletini

Al Gore iKnow the NSA Knows I'm a Finalist in the Presidential Batchelor Competition... OMG It Feels Like The 2016 Presidential Race is Getting Hotter Than the Planet:):) YOU Do Know That I Was the One That Tipped the Feds Off to the 2nd Server... Word on The Street is FBI Didn't Know About It Till Sept. Guess James Comey Didn't See My Video From The Iowa State Fair.. I Specifically Said "Another Server Was Gonna Bring Her Down".... Anyway Guess I Did a Great Job Getting the MSM to Report That Hillary Wiped Her Server Cause a Few Days After I Lobbied A Bunch of MSM Types at the Iowa State Fair Someone Asked the Question in Vegas. Also AFTER Hillary Gave the 2nd Server to the Feds Chelsea Stopped By My Kids School and "oddly" Took a Pic with My Kid. I Was Told it Was a "Message" & Know I Know it Was a Message That YOU Won the Clinton Operation. Guess I'm a Little Slow. I Thought You Weren't Gonna Date Me if You Won...NOW I Get It. I'm a Bit Dyslexic:) Anyway Mike Says You Won't Let Me Remodel the Lincoln Bedroom to Make it Contemporary So Why Can't We Move the Press to the Lincoln Bedroom & ReOpen the Inside Pool? Swimming is a Great Way to Exercise & Having an Indoor Pool it Can Be Year Round. Also Great News ... I Got Someone to Pick Us Up When