Al Gore iKnow the NSA Knows I'm a Finalist in the Presidential Batchelor Competition... OMG It Feels Like The 2016 Presidential Race is Getting Hotter Than the Planet:):) YOU Do Know That I Was the One That Tipped the Feds Off to the 2nd Server... Word on The Street is FBI Didn't Know About It Till Sept. Guess James Comey Didn't See My Video From The Iowa State Fair.. I Specifically Said "Another Server Was Gonna Bring Her Down".... Anyway Guess I Did a Great Job Getting the MSM to Report That Hillary Wiped Her Server Cause a Few Days After I Lobbied A Bunch of MSM Types at the Iowa State Fair Someone Asked the Question in Vegas. Also AFTER Hillary Gave the 2nd Server to the Feds Chelsea Stopped By My Kids School and "oddly" Took a Pic with My Kid. I Was Told it Was a "Message" & Know I Know it Was a Message That YOU Won the Clinton Operation. Guess I'm a Little Slow. I Thought You Weren't Gonna Date Me if You Won...NOW I Get It. I'm a Bit Dyslexic:) Anyway Mike Says You Won't Let Me Remodel the Lincoln Bedroom to Make it Contemporary So Why Can't We Move the Press to the Lincoln Bedroom & ReOpen the Inside Pool? Swimming is a Great Way to Exercise & Having an Indoor Pool it Can Be Year Round. Also Great News ... I Got Someone to Pick Us Up When

             Look at the DATE

Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in ...
Highly Cited-McClatchy Washington Bureau-Oct 7, 2015Platte River spokesman Andy Boian said the firm bought a device from Datto that constantly snaps images of a server’s contents and connected it to the Clinton server at a New Jersey data storage facility. Platte River never asked Datto to beam the images to an off-site cloud storage node and never was billed for that service, he said. Company officials were bewildered when they learned of the cloud storage, he said.
“We said, ‘You have a cloud? You were told not to have a cloud.’ We never received an invoice for any cloud for the Clintons.’”
The source familiar with Datto’s account, however, said Platte River was billed for “private cloud” storage, which requires a cloud storage node. Because Platte River lacks one, the source said, the data bounced to Datto’s off-site cloud storage. The source said that senior Platte River officials may not have realized it, but company technicians “were managing the off-site storage throughout.”
Datto did not know it was backing up Clintons’ email server until mid August, the source said.
As to whether the FBI might recover Clinton’s personal emails from Datto’s storage, the source said: “People don’t Datto’s service for getting rid of data.”
The FBI requested the contents of Datto’s storage on Sept. 10, a person familiar with the situation said. On Friday, Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall, and Platte River agreed to allow Datto to turn over the data from the backup server to the FBI, said this person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.
Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in ...
Highly Cited-McClatchy Washington Bureau-Oct 7, 2015

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Hi Sharyn,

Great mail:)
Great way to say no to my invitation.

Enjoy your weekend and hope you' ll have your meeting with Al soon. 

I'd love to come and get you from Schiphol if you come with the airforce1.

Best regards, 
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          **** your flying ***
 i LOVE the little houses .... before I moved back to America I collected over 60 of them.  I'm sorry I can't meet you Saturday and the reason is weird for the last 6 months I've lived in "social purgatory" waiting for Al Gore... I learned he wanted to date me & couldn't until after Oct due to the possibility he might run for president.

Everyday his middle man tells me "good morning" & then at the end of the day "good night" & I've learned from getting caught on a surveillance camera spending time with a white hat hacker that I'm not allowed to even be "just friends" with any man.  So I hope you have a good flight back to  Schipol.  

If Al gets elected & if he chooses me to be his First Lady (iHave competition) anyway if the if's happen I promise the better half of Air Force 1 will be bringing a delegation to the Netherlands to look into legalizing marijuana to help as a solution of the PTSD issue in America & of course cyber security. 

Have a great rest of the trip!

:):) Sharyn 

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******* PM Dulles.

This is my flight back.

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Nice to meet you too ... What time is your fight?  I will find out about protest and figure out logistics. DC has so much to see, what monument interests you or museum ?  I will admit Holland has great art museums   that are hard to compete with:)


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> Hi Sharyn,

> It was nice meeting you.
> Do have something to do on saturday?

> Best regards,
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