THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2013 Hagel is NOT as Articulate as Donald Rumsfeld but He's What Most Americans WANT

What's Funnier Lamar Alexander's "Video Games are a Bigger Problem Than Guns" Comment OR Chuck Hagel Cat Look a Like Photo on Huff Post?

Gore Complains About Koch Brothers - Oddly Their Money is "Cleaner" Than Al Gore's: Lockerbie Cover UP Profiteers in AMERICA are Linked to Al Gore..... That's Most Likely WHY Al Jazeera Gave Him So Much Money for a Crappy Network.

John McCain - Take a Xanax

The Constitution Matters!!!!

Seriously - Article Title Cuba Defector Meets Fans While Visiting CUBA..... I Think the Cold War with the Island South of Miami is OVER in the Eyes of Most.

Legal Update - The Taxpayers Lost This Battle.... Still If People Speak Up Then the War of RESPECT for the Taxpayer Can Be Won...

Ed Gillespie - Call Go Daddy Immediately The Domain GillespieStrategies has EXPIRED.... You Don't Want the Wrong Person to Buy Your Domain? It does "Float to Top" Might Be a Good Way to Expose NISSAN Fraud.... Still YOU Should Have it.

Senator John Kerry - Sign Me Up for America's Cultural Attache to Havana? Cuba is Complicated: There's an Opportunity to Build an Alliance. I Talked to a Guy Whose Dad Was Involved with Missile Crises & Another Who Was Involved with Bay of Pigs. People are "Softening" Minds are Changing... A Republican Can "Seal the Deal"... It Shows a UNITED Front. Get Jeb Bush to Lead the Transitions to Peace? In Reference to Cuba The ONLY VIew that's United is that of Canada on America's Relationship with Cuba. The People from Nova Scotia Are Upset - They Do NOT Want America to Liberate Cuba from the Old Communist Ways.... Why?

Reagan Era Moderate Thinks GOP Might Be Ready to Unite the Family.... Henry Barbour - YOU Owe "Cousin" Sharyn a Drink.

The Path to GOP Victory in 2016 is Having Al Gore Be the Democratic Nominee.

Jennifer Rubin's Chuck Hagel Comment Highlights Desperation in Hawks - Quotes AEI Scholar Michael Rubin: He Attended Yale & Probably Took the Same War Mongering Class as George "W" Bush. Bob Corker of Tennessee's Temperament Comment Lacks Depth... It's Just to Placate the Base

God & Gun Loving Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma Right on Issue of Debt - He's RIght About Children Being Overmedicated - On Gun Issues He Needs to Tone Down Rhetoric - He Loses Credibility With Moderates With The Ardent NRA Way or the Highway