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THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2013 Hagel is NOT as Articulate as Donald Rumsfeld but He's What Most Americans WANT

"There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know...."
Donald Rumsfeld

Yes - I told a GOPer that Hagel was not an orator like Rumsfeld. 

They just stared at me.  I said WHY are you silent.  Do you want Donald Rumsfeld back... they said no.  I said there's NOTHING wrong with the former DOD chief but America needs a "transition" leader and I felt Hagel was the fine.  When you listen to the content he clearly states he does not want to rush us into another war & bottom line that's what MOST Americans want.  Maybe he can get the Rumsfeld book of quotes...  It will make his press conferences more fun:):)

"Oh my goodness gracious, what you can buy off the Internet in terms of overhead photography. A trained ape can know an awful lot of what is going on in this world,…

What's Funnier Lamar Alexander's "Video Games are a Bigger Problem Than Guns" Comment OR Chuck Hagel Cat Look a Like Photo on Huff Post?

Chattanooga Times Free Press Lamar Alexander Says Video Games Are 'A Bigger Problem Than ...Huffington Post-21 hours ago LAMAR ALEXANDER: Chuck, I'm going to wait and see on all of these bills. I think video games is [sic] a bigger problem than guns, because ...

Gore Complains About Koch Brothers - Oddly Their Money is "Cleaner" Than Al Gore's: Lockerbie Cover UP Profiteers in AMERICA are Linked to Al Gore..... That's Most Likely WHY Al Jazeera Gave Him So Much Money for a Crappy Network.

The Koch Brothers Money is "Cleaner" than Al Gores.
Al Gore warns America about the Koch Brothers and all I can say is they are NOT hypocrites...

John McCain - Take a Xanax

The guy is a REPUBLICAN and to be candid MOST fiscal conservative moderates "like" the kind of answer Hagel Gave... did he NOT answer Sen. McCain's question...No he did not.  Was it a "trick" question... YES!!!


Let President Obama have his pick.

The Constitution Matters!!!!

Seriously - Article Title Cuba Defector Meets Fans While Visiting CUBA..... I Think the Cold War with the Island South of Miami is OVER in the Eyes of Most.

Legal Update - The Taxpayers Lost This Battle.... Still If People Speak Up Then the War of RESPECT for the Taxpayer Can Be Won...

Ed Gillespie - Call Go Daddy Immediately The Domain GillespieStrategies has EXPIRED.... You Don't Want the Wrong Person to Buy Your Domain? It does "Float to Top" Might Be a Good Way to Expose NISSAN Fraud.... Still YOU Should Have it.

Ed Gillespie Ed Gillespie Interview. YouTube | November 06, 2012. Romney Adviser Ed Gillespie: Pennsylvania Is ready for real change. View More Videos ... Ed Gillespie - Gillespie Welcome to This Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of Want to buy this domain? Let us help. Add hosting, email and ...

Senator John Kerry - Sign Me Up for America's Cultural Attache to Havana? Cuba is Complicated: There's an Opportunity to Build an Alliance. I Talked to a Guy Whose Dad Was Involved with Missile Crises & Another Who Was Involved with Bay of Pigs. People are "Softening" Minds are Changing... A Republican Can "Seal the Deal"... It Shows a UNITED Front. Get Jeb Bush to Lead the Transitions to Peace? In Reference to Cuba The ONLY VIew that's United is that of Canada on America's Relationship with Cuba. The People from Nova Scotia Are Upset - They Do NOT Want America to Liberate Cuba from the Old Communist Ways.... Why?

"Canada has maintained consistently cordial relations with Cuba, in spite of considerable pressure from the United States, and the island is also one of the most popular travel destinations for Canadian citizens..."Wiki

"For the past three decades, the Cuban-American Republican voting bloc in South Florida has helped offset the region's many Democrats. And Cuban-Americans have been the key to Republican presidential victories here..."  NPR

Canadians do NOT want 
to share the beaches with Americans-

They say 
that we're annoying.  

America's northern neighbors say that "if" Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba then prices their will go up.  The customer service will go downhill -  The economy will have so much need for jobs and the people will not be ready for the influx of tourism. 

The Florida Voters are "changing" …

Reagan Era Moderate Thinks GOP Might Be Ready to Unite the Family.... Henry Barbour - YOU Owe "Cousin" Sharyn a Drink.

Read Alabama Mayor in Jail Based on Similar Scheme with Taxpayer Backed Bonds...
Could the malicious prosecution of the NISSAN Whistleblower start a MAJOR dance in Tennessee BIGGER than the WALTZ..... it's connected to Al Gore?

NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares did NOT want to be apart of the corruption that included LOTS of taxpayer money being wasted.  Bovat told Tavares in 2009 that she worked for operatives connected to top strategist. Tavares let Bovat blog about "issues" to expose the problems.

When taxpayer money is NO LONGER wasted the hardworking people struggling to pay their bills in Tennessee should "thank" Karl Rove.

When Karl Rove connected with me on Linkedin I knew the elders in the GOP family were ready for "cousin" Sharyn's return, can't wait to see Henry :):)  

Rove's people taught me that "facts" matter.  Soon America will know the "facts" about Tennessee and Good Ole Boy networks.

The FACT is America…

The Path to GOP Victory in 2016 is Having Al Gore Be the Democratic Nominee.

Seriously - That is how we can convert the masses the RNC  

Reince Priebus what do you think?  

:):)  Sharyn

Or another R/R ticketRice Rubio? 

Jennifer Rubin's Chuck Hagel Comment Highlights Desperation in Hawks - Quotes AEI Scholar Michael Rubin: He Attended Yale & Probably Took the Same War Mongering Class as George "W" Bush. Bob Corker of Tennessee's Temperament Comment Lacks Depth... It's Just to Placate the Base

Jennifer Rubin AEI is one of my favorite think tanks.... your "quote" of Michael Rubin was a little misleading.  AEI- has an economic motive to NOT have Hagel succeed.  Still AEI is my favorite think tank because I'm a HAWK.  I believe in a strong National Security.  Still President Obama won and he gets to "pick" unless the guy did something "sinister" then he should get to pick who he wants.  The GOP is stupid for not embracing Hagel.  A lot of moderates who did NOT like the "trumped up" wars tell me that "if" the party does not change - they will not change their negative views about the GOP.  America is a county that was founded by war & were a war driven society.  After the draft was "ditched" people did not care about war the way the hawks do. My grandfather was a DOD lawyer & I know WHY they eliminated the draft it was so children of people like Albert Gore would not have to "serve" .... it's …

God & Gun Loving Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma Right on Issue of Debt - He's RIght About Children Being Overmedicated - On Gun Issues He Needs to Tone Down Rhetoric - He Loses Credibility With Moderates With The Ardent NRA Way or the Highway

"Things are not happening in Washington DC...."  Rep. James Lankford (R) OK

James Lankford held a call with bloggers about the No Budget No Pay Act.  One that seems like a "no brainer" if most people don't do their jobs they don't get paid. Pilots are paid to fly planes, Doctors are paid to see patients - Why has congress been allowed to get away with not doing  their job?  

Don't they have annual reviews like others in management?  Wait I can answer my own question that they do have a review they run for re-election.  

James Lankford on the call was impressive on the fiscal issues that matter to "this" Voice of a Moderate: 

James Paul Lankford (born March 4, 1968) is the U.S. Representative for Oklahoma's 5th congressional district.[2] He is a member of the Republican Party. He is Oklahoma's first congressional representative with red hair.

"In his remarks on Saturday, Lankford portrayed debt as a danger facing the nation. “Federal o…