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Senator John Kerry - Sign Me Up for America's Cultural Attache to Havana? Cuba is Complicated: There's an Opportunity to Build an Alliance. I Talked to a Guy Whose Dad Was Involved with Missile Crises & Another Who Was Involved with Bay of Pigs. People are "Softening" Minds are Changing... A Republican Can "Seal the Deal"... It Shows a UNITED Front. Get Jeb Bush to Lead the Transitions to Peace? In Reference to Cuba The ONLY VIew that's United is that of Canada on America's Relationship with Cuba. The People from Nova Scotia Are Upset - They Do NOT Want America to Liberate Cuba from the Old Communist Ways.... Why?

"Canada has maintained consistently cordial relations with Cuba, in spite of considerable pressure from the United States, and the island is also one of the most popular travel destinations for Canadian citizens..." Wiki

"For the past three decades, the Cuban-American Republican voting bloc in South Florida has helped offset the region's many Democrats. And Cuban-Americans have been the key to Republican presidential victories here..."  NPR

Canadians do NOT want 
to share the beaches with Americans- 

They say 
that we're annoying.  

America's northern neighbors say that "if" Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba then prices their will go up.  The customer service will go downhill -  The economy will have so much need for jobs and the people will not be ready for the influx of tourism. 

The Florida Voters are "changing" their views on Cuba

In the 2008 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama received 
47% of the Cuban American vote in Florida. According to Bendixen.
84% of Miami-Dade Cuban American voters 65 or older backed McCain,  
55% of those 29 or younger backed Obama.
This indicates that the younger generation may be moving more towards the political center.

Other exit polls looking at the
Cuban-American electorate had
a somewhat higher level of Romney
support, and there was some dispute 
about who won among the demographic
on Nov. 6. But virtually all signs point
to a trend away from a securely Republican
voting bloc.
Amandi called his group's finding "a major development 
with implications, not just for Florida, but for the country." 
Bendixen had found support for Republican presidential
 candidates from Cuban-Americans in the state at 75 percent 
in 2000, 71 percent in 2004 and 65 percent in 2008. 
The relationship between Florida's Cuban community 
and Republican presidential candidates dates to the 
1980 election of Ronald Reagan.
Traditionally, candidates make a pilgrimage to Miami's
 Little Havana, where they drink Cuban coffee before TV
cameras and throngs of approving Cuban-American voters.
(Romney — a Mormon, and thus a non-coffee drinker —
 chose a juice bar rather than a cafe for his photo op.)

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio continues to hurt Cuban-Americans, his own Florida constituents 
and the push for democracy in Cuba with his tired, discredited war against the communist 
Castro regime. His badgering of tour operators organizing legal trips to Cuba may score him 
points with some extremist expatriates in Miami. But it is nothing but harassment to 
academics, other visitors and entrepreneurs, and the Obama administration should move 
to break down these barriers, not build new ones.
Rubio's office took credit for holding up Senate confirmation of a top American diplomat until the administration agreed to put the tour operators through new bureaucratic hoops. A measure
that took effect in May and that is now coming into force as the operators renew their annual licenses requires them to submit loads of additional paperwork about their itineraries in Cuba. This is
wasteful to business and another example of the partisan games that make voters so sick of
The Obama administration has relaxed Cuba travel several times since taking office, making
it easier for Cuban-Americans to visit family back home and for U.S. citizens to travel under
a broad umbrella for educational, cultural and religious purposes. Rubio charges these
"people-to-people" contacts are nothing but simple tourist visits, which are illegal under
 the 50-year-old U.S. economic embargo.


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