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Jennifer Rubin's Chuck Hagel Comment Highlights Desperation in Hawks - Quotes AEI Scholar Michael Rubin: He Attended Yale & Probably Took the Same War Mongering Class as George "W" Bush. Bob Corker of Tennessee's Temperament Comment Lacks Depth... It's Just to Placate the Base

Jennifer Rubin AEI is one of my favorite think tanks.... your "quote" of Michael Rubin was a little misleading.  AEI- has an economic motive to NOT have Hagel succeed.  Still AEI is my favorite think tank because I'm a HAWK.  I believe in a strong National Security.  Still President Obama won and he gets to "pick" unless the guy did something "sinister" then he should get to pick who he wants.  The GOP is stupid for not embracing Hagel.  A lot of moderates who did NOT like the "trumped up" wars tell me that "if" the party does not change - they will not change their negative views about the GOP.  America is a county that was founded by war & were a war driven society.  After the draft was "ditched" people did not care about war the way the hawks do. My grandfather was a DOD lawyer & I know WHY they eliminated the draft it was so children of people like Albert Gore would not have to "serve" .... it's complicated.

America needs a law that says "when the 75% of the volunteer army serves "2" tours in a conflict then a mandatory draft kicks in"... too many people that served 4+ tours tell me the system is "just not fair"... people told me they told their children to collect welfare BEFORE signing up for the military.  The fact is we "burnt out" the troops and their mad.  That is one reason WHY Romney lost Colorado.  That and a lot of the young people want marijuana legalized.

Since your one of my favorite GOP bloggers it makes me sad that you misled people.

Chuck Hagel is gonna "most likely" get the job.  STOP looking so desperate. YOUR better than that.

CATO Beats AEI in Hagel Quotes.... AEI is My Favorite Free Market Think Tank BUT NOW CATO is My Choice On Foreign Policy.

"....He was ‘The Cornhusker wears Prada’ to his staff, some of whom describe their former boss as perhaps the most paranoid and abusive in the Senate, one who would rifle through staffers’ desks and berate them for imagined disloyalty,” former Pentagon adviser Michael Rubin told political analyst Taylor Marsh about Mr. Hagel..." WP Jennifer Rubin


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