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Yes!!! I had a Tampa Club Band on My Wrist

San Francisco Chronicle
Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser
Businessweek‎ - 1 day ago ...Karl Rove took the stage at the Tampa Club to provide an exclusive breakfast ... American Crossroads disputes this version of events, but a...

Guys:  I'm thankful for the great parking....

YES!!!   I'm MAD at Haley Barbour's.   Why do y'all make thing so complicated?

I'm "what you need to win"... YOU know it.....
People I'm tired and to be candid... the monitoring of me was a little "creepy"....  

That said.... 
I LOVED Journey....
I was offered on NUMEROUS occasion to trade my Journey credential for a Mitt Romney Speech credential....  Granted I do like he gonna FIGHT Crony Capitalist?  

Rick Perry is "not my thing" BUT Steve Perry is.... :):)

My PRIORITIES were born in the 
Bay Area, Boys this woman was born to ROCK!
Maybe Y'all can get one of your donors to HIRE ME...

My child is a FIGURE SKATER.....

I can't keep runn…

Haley Barbours Operatives Used National Bloggers Club to "Try" toDiscredit Nissan WhistleBlower

Sharyn Bovat Given a membership card with a different blog name than
She requested.

Then she got info from various operatives confirming that Bob McDonnell would most likely be VP pick. Sharyn liked The Governor because he "turned around" the economy in Virginia. She knew she might be used as a decoy.

Then the press pass confusion at GOP convention - which she can explain.

Then after Barbour spoke to Bloogers club in Tampa it was confirmed that Barbour "controls' things....

Sharyn was slandered for being "perceived" GAY-

Well it was also confirmed that a high profile politician has been protected by BARBOUR- its morally wrong what happened to Sharyn Bovat a moderate who's trying to expose Dept. of Energy fraud that is REAL. Because sharyn was ALSO bullied by a red Titan truck with a Mississippi tag she wants the former Governor Questioned about death threats she received.

Shayn was told by Mark Silverman that Haley Barbour's people were co…

Voices from Moderate Woman including Lady From Starbucks Minutes Ago

"...Seems like a nice guy but he never said 'how' he would fix the economy..."

".... How is he going to create all those jobs..."

"..... The Man who likes AC/DC could fix America....". " he the guy that hates grandmas?..." I

Talked to a Kansas delegate who says Akin is "no big deal". Well tell that the the Republican woman who were "raped" and women whose "Right Wing" parents forced them to have abortions because having a pregnant teenager would hurt their political future. A woman from a prominent family told me that "she feels dirty". She wanted to keep the baby BUT daddy wanted to be a member of congress.

It's the hypocritical puritans that HURT America. A woman told me yesterday the she admires Sarah Palin for NOT being a hypocrite on the LIFE issue

It's simply time for the RNC to "get out of the Uterus".

Why the hell is Gingrich supporting Akin?

A delegate from the …

12:58am. Before the Song Stone in Love

Sharyn was told ISSA is Investigating Nissan and NOW over 20 investigators are involved. How cool is that?

I'm into the Journey

What Day: Spent Some Time with Protestors : One Woman Voted for "W"TWICE ...

Carol is one of the protestors, she is from the Orlando area and she is a 2%er YES!! One of the protestors is a woman who "Built" her own business that is VERY successful. She voted for Bush (twice) The Akin issue made her draw a line in the sand.

 I told her i was fighting for Moderate women too. She then told me about a nasty comment made to her by delegates with BIG hair (my guess they're from Texas....  HAIR is "big" there in two ways). She said they looked down at her. The fact is they should look UP to  Carol: She's a HERO - She's Sharing her voice. She got up off the couch and did what in a democratic society is allowed (and needed). She LOVES America and she's protesting because she feels the same as I and that is the Republican party does NOT want moderates. Still I have HOPE the GOP will become more welcoming (Maybe it's Susana Martinez's speech?)

Telling Carol the economy is WHY I'm in Tampa & my goal is for the GOP t…

Condoleezza Shines Again- thank you to person that got me on the list

Best comment from the Secretary when talking about education she said:
"i'm not for that self esteem movement"

The RLSC wins award for
BEST Anti-Pasta...
Nice party Jeb.

Have a Great Day!


Scenes from the RNC Convention- CNN Producer is Sharing Sharyn's Story ...Maybe Crony Capitalism Done By the OBAMA Administration Will Get EXPOSED

Kindof Cool about CNN .

All I want is MY life back.

It's time the taxpayers got RESPECT!!
I fighting for that.

Sharyn Bovat