Voices from Moderate Woman including Lady From Starbucks Minutes Ago

"...Seems like a nice guy but he never said 'how' he would fix the economy..."

".... How is he going to create all those jobs..."

"..... The Man who likes AC/DC could fix America....". "...is he the guy that hates grandmas?..." I

Talked to a Kansas delegate who says Akin is "no big deal". Well tell that the the Republican woman who were "raped" and women whose "Right Wing" parents forced them to have abortions because having a pregnant teenager would hurt their political future. A woman from a prominent family told me that "she feels dirty". She wanted to keep the baby BUT daddy wanted to be a member of congress.

It's the hypocritical puritans that HURT America. A woman told me yesterday the she admires Sarah Palin for NOT being a hypocrite on the LIFE issue

It's simply time for the RNC to "get out of the Uterus".

Why the hell is Gingrich supporting Akin?

A delegate from the mid west said he wanted a Huckabee ticket in 2016...
OMG!!! He said "I can't figure out WHY Romney wants to be president"

Huh... That said: I'm with Romney/Ryan based on the HOPE and CHANGE issue that affects the taxpayers. I want The Dept of Energy Fraud exposed.

Truly in my heart i believe the Romney Ryan ticket won't make issues that affect women part of their 1st term accomplishments. They 1st have to SAVE America.

God Bless America!!