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In Defense of Trump on His Troop Charitable Donations.....

a LOT of bad spending has happened by "so called" Vet Charities.... see below & I have a LOT to say on the issue BUT to get this out quickly ... 
"I'm impressed by the organizations that Donald Trump has selected to give veteran donations to" The DOD Whistleblower 

Wounded Warrior Project ex-employee gratified by Senate findingsWJXT Jacksonville-May 17, 2016 A wounded combat veteran and one of seven former employees of the WoundedWarrior Project who helped blow the whistle on the charity's ... Senate committee questions Wounded Warrior Project spending in ... 17, 2016Explore in depth(11 more articles)

Is the Mainstream Media WAKING UP? Yes!!! The Hillary Clinton Email Story is IMPORTANT!!!! iWas Told President Obama wants to preserve his legacy & he's sure as hell NOT gonna protect Hillary (especially if she loses CALIFORNIA)

"...Even after the inspector general’s report was released, Clinton continued to spin lies. She told ABC News and CNN that her use of a private server was “allowed.” It was not. Indeed, the report found that her modus operandi presented “significant security risks...." Statesman Journal owned by Gannett part of the Mainstream Media

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The summer of 2015 i busted my but trying to get the Mainstream Media to report the issues of Hillary's email server....some people connected to Valarie Jarrett wanted me too... Evidenly at this years correspondents dinner Huma Abedin "followed" Valerie Jarrett (was told it's on CSPAN footage & i did see it BUT can't locate it at the moment & yes Huma was following Valerie & it looked "odd"...) I was told she did it so the TV coverage would show the Clinton campaign was "in bed" with he Obama administration, which i was told it's NOT.  President Obama wants to prese…

WTF? Huffington Post Reported Hillary Clinton Being Indicted on Racketeering BUT Took the Story Down

This confirms what 2 sources told me & I tweeted about... It's RICO Baby!!!

From the article NOW gone  "...James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic...."

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seriously Haley & Henry Barbour have got to be feeling the HEAT?

Reince Priebus I'm sure RNC is Gonna Be Nicer - What the DNC is Doing to Me is Scary!!!!

"I'm alleging that I'm being retaliated against for being one of the 1st to  report the TRUTH about the Clinton's (email) ethical issues..." In an email sent to the FBI , DNC, top lawyers & others iTrust. My name is Sharyn & Hillay's Server issue is one I've blogged about since this summer ...I broke stories & helped get the MSM to ask questions to the presidential candidate. If ppl like me didn't Report the story the MSM never would've: what's happening in 🇺🇸 in reference to journalism is scary. Tonight I'm sharing my fight for credentials cause I fear this is another form of retaliation. 
Here it is!!!
I'm alleging that I'm being retaliated against for being one of the 1st to  report the TRUTH about the Clinton's ethical issues.  The DNC should not be a "strong arm" of the Clinton Campaign trying to cover up corruption

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