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After Jeb's Money People Bused in a LOT of Lobbyist Kids Jeb Bush Gets 5th in CPAC Straw Poll & Burst of PURE JOY Filled the Ballroom at Gaylord National in Oxon Hill Maryland

"..The Jeb Bush campaign bused in supporters, who were not attending CPAC, to cheer on Jeb Bush and vote for him in the annual CPAC straw poll,..." Inquisitr (link below) When Jeb bused in supporters he gave credibility to CPAC straw poll and "that" is what's gonna hurt him.  Seems like Haley's #2 Rick Perry had a bad day too.    DISCLAIMER I'm a moderate & have no problems with Jeb Bush on many issues, 
I just think Haley Barbour cronyism is killing America and any candidate connected to the powerful K Street lobbyist needs to "play by the rules" that other attendees of CPAC play by.  Did Rand Paul bring in a lot of youth... Yes he did.  The Rand Paul supporters were present the entire time and participated in forums and events vs the Jeb Bush crowd just came to cheer.... 
Pictures of the two Jeb supporters are guys who came to support Jeb from Ohio & not the kids of local DC lobbyist & political insiders. 

 Out of respect for a girl …