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David Axelrod- Please Tell Anthony Weiner to Quit the NYC Mayors Race and He Can Be the Spokesman for National Orgasm Day? . *** Caution This Is PG-13***

On National Orgasm Day I'm Saying It's Important to Be Able to Get to Your Destination....

Is Lamar Alexander "Faking It" When He Praises His NISSAN Leaf? - 
On National Orgasm Day I'm Telling The New Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz that When it Comes to Batteries Women Want "Range"....

The NISSAN Leaf Does NOT Perform The Way They Told Congress Told Us- We Were Told 100 Miles Per Charge- The Leaf ONLY Rated at 73 Miles Per Charge & Some Publications Say The NISSAN Leaf ONLY Gets 58 Miles Per Charge... 
Best Orgasms in Movies, in Honor of National Orgasm Day (VIDEO ...

Al Gore Maybe Global Warming is NOT Real? I Really Do Think it is & I Think Once Again Like in 2000 YOU Have Bad Luck!!!

TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013
Gore effect in Chicago: "coldest July weekend seen in the city in decades" greets early arrivers for this week's Al Gore Climate Hoax training Chicago Weather: Fall-Like Saturday Temperatures Break 30-Year Record
Chicagoans were sent digging for their jackets over the weekend as temperatures plunged to record-setting lows.

Saturday's high temperature only hit 65 degrees at O'Hare International Airport, beating the previous record for the coldest high temperature recorded in Chicago on that day (69 degrees in 1981) by an astounding four degrees, WGN reports.

As ABC Chicago noted, Saturday's temperature was more typical of a mid-October day. The weekend was the coldest July weekend seen in the city in decades.

Jamaica Embassy Dodges Questions on Edward Snowden the NSA Leaker & Whistleblower Flying Over Their Airspace...No Cool Runnings For Snowden?

Putin's Puppy is NOT as Cute as Barney and I Think Reagan Looked Better on Horseback...... World Leaders Should Wear Shirts!

 Mr Putin’s spokesman said he had chosen the name 'Buffy’ because he liked the way it sounded, denying it had any connection to the cult US TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Is Obamacare Worse Than an American Home Sheild Home Warranty? It's OK for "Small" Things BUT if You Get a Broken AC (or Cancer) It Does NOT Work? The WAIT it Too Long.... Get the Analagy

Begin forwarded message:
Note to American Home Shield:

I'm happy about "cutting bait"....   The best experience i had with American Home Shield is this:

A kind lady from Memphis offered me a "crappy" deal BUT it's better than no deal in reference to my home warranty...  I'm happy to have learned this life lesson and I don't have to take my blogs and videos down to YOU not living up to what you promised.  I told the truth about my experience and NOW others are telling me their AHS horror stories.  A realtor just texted me to.
This experience with American Home Shield taught me about FREEDOM of CHOICE and WHY I'm a republican. 
Obamacare replacement option below....
OMG!!! Had you'll been running Obamacare and I had cancer I'd be dead.  You don't care about me- ALL you care about is making a buck. OMG the CEO is from a SOLAR company and the lady that did the IRS stuff is doing Obamacare?  I want to see more doct…

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois... After You Sign the Marijuana Bill Please Investigate EAGLE AIR.... I Have Some Concerns About Human Rights Issues

I'm trying to "stay cool" but it's hard when you get "crappy" service by the company your home warranty  AHS selects..

Governor - Can you also have the state investigate EAGLE AIR based in Plainfield... The heat is giving me flashbacks to being in Honduras....  I got to go to the "same" places that Oliver North went to too... How "cool" is that?

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn - PLEASE Sign Medical Marijuana Law. a LOT of Our Troops with PTSD Deserve to Respectfully Use the Drug: Giving Them a Moment of Tranquility. Pot is a Proven Way to Help with the PTSD Anxiety Disorder That Has Plagued Those That Served America.

When You Sign the bill this REPUBLICAN WIll write you a check.... Quinn leads fundraising in governor's raceThe State Journal-Register-3 hours ago Campaign finance reports show Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has a sizable fundraising lead over the five other candidates vying for his job.

Contact Illinois Governor Quinn Today: Tell Him to Support the Troops.
Marijuana Policy Project’s map of current state marijuana laws

Washington Post Snowden Scoop Most Likely .... Turbulent Weather... Guess There;s NO "Snow" in That Forecast?

God Help the GOP

Wow- I'm sure an FBI probe is NOT the "probe" Bob wants to be remembered for?

Sharyn recently heard from a "Friend of Bob's"...  strange.

Evidently Haley Barbour corrupted Bob McDonnell.  
It's sad.  His daughter served in Iraq and it's a nice family.

Click Here to See How Haley Barbour is Involved

The governor may have a very good attorney, but it's increasingly difficult to imagine how the governor stays in office. Indeed, one angle to keep an eye on in the coming days is how quickly Virginia Republicans begin to distance themselves from McDonnell as the scandal grows more serious. For one noteworthy GOP official in particular, that's likely to be tricky.

The United Nations is Caught in the Middle of Snowden Issue: Email Sent By NISSAN Whistleblower Asking for the UN to Step In on Asylum Snowden Issue.

Snowden Seen as Whistle-Blower by Majority in New PollBloomberg-5 hours ago A majority of U.S. registered voters consider Edward Snowden a whistle-blower, not a traitor,

The United Nations MUST take a lead on the Snowden issue and also the International Court MUST take the lead on the Lockerbie issue.

Everyone in the world NOT proven guilty of a crime should be allowed asylum.....
A UN hating Neocon told me that the UN is digging it's own grave... I thought I 'd have the courage and character to tell you directly.
The United Nations is caught in the middle of Snowden Issue:   
The fact is Edward Snowden is supported in America by the idealistic demographic in America that believes in their hearts the United Nations is an organization that needs to exist & have financial support from America.  
The people that have BASHED the United Nations Are using the UN's response to the Snowden issue as a tool to "Bring Snowden Down"  ... 
Then they'll bring down the Uni…

Sharyn Says WHY Ronald Reagan Wanted Immigration Reform.... THE ECONOMY!!!!

While cleaning out a box of stuff from the 80's and early 90's I found some pins.  One was given to me at a Log Cabin party & the other at a hospitality suite.

The Sebastiani one reminds me of Reagan's Immigration stance.

The former President wanted immigration reform because of AGRI-BUSINESS.  The prices for food would escalate "if" good reforms were not passed. ALL American would suffer if reform did not happen.  It was predicted that lettuce would cost 8 times as much with out the immigrant community. California wine prices would get higher and the overall economy would suffer greatly.

My grandparents lived in Pebble Beach and I was given gas money to visit them and told to visit them and on the way visit the workers in the fields.  They wanted me to find out WHY reform mattered to them.  It did not matter what I researched - the President's decision was done.  I was young and was told that "others" didn't want to do it.....  The eliti…

Naperville Ribfest: This Voice of a Moderate Enjoyed a Night of American Fun and Fabulous Food......Two Videos of the Great Entertainment : Dancing Bulls Fans and Rick Springfield.