David Axelrod- Please Tell Anthony Weiner to Quit the NYC Mayors Race and He Can Be the Spokesman for National Orgasm Day? . *** Caution This Is PG-13***

Al Gore Maybe Global Warming is NOT Real? I Really Do Think it is & I Think Once Again Like in 2000 YOU Have Bad Luck!!!

Jamaica Embassy Dodges Questions on Edward Snowden the NSA Leaker & Whistleblower Flying Over Their Airspace...No Cool Runnings For Snowden?

Putin's Puppy is NOT as Cute as Barney and I Think Reagan Looked Better on Horseback...... World Leaders Should Wear Shirts!

Is Obamacare Worse Than an American Home Sheild Home Warranty? It's OK for "Small" Things BUT if You Get a Broken AC (or Cancer) It Does NOT Work? The WAIT it Too Long.... Get the Analagy

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois... After You Sign the Marijuana Bill Please Investigate EAGLE AIR.... I Have Some Concerns About Human Rights Issues

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn - PLEASE Sign Medical Marijuana Law. a LOT of Our Troops with PTSD Deserve to Respectfully Use the Drug: Giving Them a Moment of Tranquility. Pot is a Proven Way to Help with the PTSD Anxiety Disorder That Has Plagued Those That Served America.

Washington Post Snowden Scoop Most Likely .... Turbulent Weather... Guess There;s NO "Snow" in That Forecast?

God Help the GOP

The United Nations is Caught in the Middle of Snowden Issue: Email Sent By NISSAN Whistleblower Asking for the UN to Step In on Asylum Snowden Issue.

Sharyn Says WHY Ronald Reagan Wanted Immigration Reform.... THE ECONOMY!!!!

Naperville Ribfest: This Voice of a Moderate Enjoyed a Night of American Fun and Fabulous Food......Two Videos of the Great Entertainment : Dancing Bulls Fans and Rick Springfield.