James Comey & the FBI Have ALL the Information & Should Tell Loretta Lynch of the DOJ to File Charges & Indict Hillary Clinton (& Huma Abedin) on a VARIETY of Issues Possibly Including OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by Wiping Her Server: The DOD Whistleblower Strikes Again.... After Clinton Campaign Alienated the Press from an Event in Dubuque Sharyn Bovat Did What She Was Told & Got the Issue Into the Hands of Press That Would Ask the Presidential Candidate TOUGH Questions.

***UPDATE & Message for James Comey & FBI *** +++CLARIFICATION+++ Looks Like Huma Abedin Has the Same Problem as Me.... She Had Nobody to Talk To... Maybe After Hillary Drops Out She Can "Come Out" In America is OK to Be Gay, Seriously WHY Else Wouldv'e Hillary Kept Huma After the Anthony Weiner Scandal & Why Would Huma (Whose Totally Hot) Keep Anthony Weiner... They Have a Political Marriage JUST Like the Clintons.

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders & Rick Santorum are Commented on in Voice of a Moderate's Iowa State Fair Coverage

Yes Virginia There Really is a Santa Claus & NO It's NOT Donald Trump

EVERYONE Says Carly Florina did the best YET most ppl did not see her. ....