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James Comey & the FBI Have ALL the Information & Should Tell Loretta Lynch of the DOJ to File Charges & Indict Hillary Clinton (& Huma Abedin) on a VARIETY of Issues Possibly Including OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by Wiping Her Server: The DOD Whistleblower Strikes Again.... After Clinton Campaign Alienated the Press from an Event in Dubuque Sharyn Bovat Did What She Was Told & Got the Issue Into the Hands of Press That Would Ask the Presidential Candidate TOUGH Questions.

My Mission is accomplished and spending Monday & Tuesday resting: Saving the world from mischievous politicians is NOT as easy or fun as it looks and when you're exposing Clinton corruption it's TERRIFYING ... I'm grateful everyday I'm alive:):) 

NOW I gotta get back to the OPM intel that was told to me. When congress returns I'm sure they'll want to act on creating legislation that protects the privacy of those that serve America.  God Bless our country. 

***UPDATE & Message for James Comey & FBI *** +++CLARIFICATION+++ Looks Like Huma Abedin Has the Same Problem as Me.... She Had Nobody to Talk To... Maybe After Hillary Drops Out She Can "Come Out" In America is OK to Be Gay, Seriously WHY Else Wouldv'e Hillary Kept Huma After the Anthony Weiner Scandal & Why Would Huma (Whose Totally Hot) Keep Anthony Weiner... They Have a Political Marriage JUST Like the Clintons.

The event that I took the Huma pics was Friday August 14th & I was used as a tool to get the Hillary Clinton server story in the hands of reporters that asked her questions. ,,,,,  I was told a while ago her server was professional wiped BUT it went unreported. 
The fact is America needs a healthy democratic and republican party.  As of NOW i think BOTH parties are hurting BIG TIME because of Clinton & Trump.  Collusion between the Trump and Clinton campaign happened in Iowa at the State Fair. The FBI needs to look into the political racketeering going on between the two camps.

A Bloomberg reporter knew that "one contact" was used for both campaigns and so did a CNN cameraman. It was NOT reported - Here's the deal Trump bizarre lateness to a Butter Cow viewing that 1000's of Isolationist Iowans were waiting for him was done to keep those fearing American job loses from hearing Bernie Sanders speak. It sound "ridiculous" and but it was staged... so tha…

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders & Rick Santorum are Commented on in Voice of a Moderate's Iowa State Fair Coverage

Unlike the mainstream media who knew what they wanted to report Sharyn Bovat spend the day with Iowans and shares her day with her blogs readers.  The voters in Iowa take their jobs seriously as the 1st to caucus and they're skeptical about Donald Trump BUT their enjoying the "drama" he created at the State Fair with the exception of his massive tardiness at the "Butter Cow" appearance.
Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton chose not to speak the the Des Moines Register Soapbox.  The Trump supporters said the "snub" from the Register was a valid excuse for the billionaires "no show" BUT the democrats attending the fail said Hillary Clinton snubbing the public was unacceptable and she will feel "they bern".... Yes!!! Hillary Clinton will "feel the Bern" is what I heard many times.  Democrats are uninspired by a Joe Biden bid & many think that Al Gore is not serious about running.  Betsy McManus Gore's spokeswoman s…

Yes Virginia There Really is a Santa Claus & NO It's NOT Donald Trump

Sharyn Bovat conducted a focus group during the Fox News Debate & was interview on her findings on the Washington DC ABC News affiliate.    Soon will be up & running with ALL the thoughts of the moderates and undecided voters. 

Va. women react to Donald Trump's performance in the GOP Debate | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WJLA ...
WJLA‎ - 20 hours ago WJLA - The day after the GOP debate, women in Virginia tell ABC7s Rebecca Cooper what ...

EVERYONE Says Carly Florina did the best YET most ppl did not see her. ....

Reince Priebus WHERE are the Women....  is Gov Bobby Jindal right that the GOP is the STUPID party.   It's time to show Carly Fiorina RESPECT. 
I led a focus group last night & still digesting the data.... I'm cranky and tired!!! 

 Governor Huckabee didn't do to well with undecided Moderate republican men. 

 Actually until Scott Walker was caught acting normal NOBODY looked good according to a member of my focus group.  
LOOK at the headlines.... Reince Priebus you don't need a penis to become president, looks like the Dems figured it out. Still the thought of another Clinton in the White House makes many of us moderates w/brains SICK!!! 
Perez Hilton did the best Donald Trump bashing too....
E! Online

These Are The Best Celeb Responses To Donald Trump's hours ago Donald Trump participated in his first Republican Presidential Primary Debate last night on Fox, and if you haven't seen it yet, he received quite ...