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***UPDATE & Message for James Comey & FBI *** +++CLARIFICATION+++ Looks Like Huma Abedin Has the Same Problem as Me.... She Had Nobody to Talk To... Maybe After Hillary Drops Out She Can "Come Out" In America is OK to Be Gay, Seriously WHY Else Wouldv'e Hillary Kept Huma After the Anthony Weiner Scandal & Why Would Huma (Whose Totally Hot) Keep Anthony Weiner... They Have a Political Marriage JUST Like the Clintons.

The event that I took the Huma pics was Friday August 14th & I was used as a tool to get the Hillary Clinton server story in the hands of reporters that asked her questions. ,,,,,  I was told a while ago her server was professional wiped BUT it went unreported. 

The fact is America needs a healthy democratic and republican party.  As of NOW i think BOTH parties are hurting BIG TIME because of Clinton & Trump.  Collusion between the Trump and Clinton campaign happened in Iowa at the State Fair. The FBI needs to look into the political racketeering going on between the two camps.

A Bloomberg reporter knew that "one contact" was used for both campaigns and so did a CNN cameraman. It was NOT reported - Here's the deal Trump bizarre lateness to a Butter Cow viewing that 1000's of Isolationist Iowans were waiting for him was done to keep those fearing American job loses from hearing Bernie Sanders speak. It sound "ridiculous" and but it was staged... so that Iowans could not see that another candidate speak.

Bernie Sanders Spoke at 2pm the Iowans that were curious about the NBC reality star did not see the Clinton alternate

The fact is the Iowans are doing their best to vet the candidates cause they are 1st in the nation.  Trump does pull votes from Bernie Sanders by his views on Mexico & Hillary strategist are organizing the Chaos that Trump created at the Iowa State Fair & Like the Iowans I thought it was entertaining.  The  people from Iowa that I spoke to supporting Trump told me they don't think they'll vote for him they just appreciate his candor.

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s lawyer has admitted all data was erased from the server the Democratic front-runner turned over to federal investigators, ......In a letter last week to Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) made public by the committee yesterday, attorney David Kendall said Clinton’s server, turned over to federal authorities as part of a security probe, “no longer contains data.”.....The release of the letter came a day after Clinton dismissed questions from reporters at a Las Vegas press conference about whether the server had been wiped clean.....
Clinton replied sarcastically: “What, like with a cloth or something?..."

There are LOTS of Starbucks in Iowa which is a lovely state with friendly people. In Dubuque where I was at the coffee shops are NOT stand alone most of them are in grocery stores. 

Originally i registered for the Clinton event as an interested voter... I was going to sit in the third row & was told NO... someone recognized me. WTF ...   I'm just a blogger i then gave a card to a staffer told her I RSVP's had two different Clinton staffers call me to confirm i was coming I drove to Dubuque (which was out of my way, i was headed to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

 Hillary's team had me wear a red tag JUST so she would NOT talk to me.

Wonder Why?

Click HERE to read Huma Adedin blog post

Allies fault Hillary Clinton's response on emails

Politico-5 hours ago
LAS VEGAS — As Hillary Clinton faces a new round of questions about her email use as secretary of state, some longtime allies are ...
The contagious toxicity of Hillary Clinton's email scandal
Opinion-The Week Magazine-Aug 18, 2015
Opinion-Fox News-21 hours ago

I wanted a selfie for my collection but  maybe I was NOT wearing the right color? 


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