Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders & Rick Santorum are Commented on in Voice of a Moderate's Iowa State Fair Coverage

Unlike the mainstream media who knew what they wanted to report Sharyn Bovat spend the day with Iowans and shares her day with her blogs readers.  The voters in Iowa take their jobs seriously as the 1st to caucus and they're skeptical about Donald Trump BUT their enjoying the "drama" he created at the State Fair with the exception of his massive tardiness at the "Butter Cow" appearance.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton chose not to speak the the Des Moines Register Soapbox.  The Trump supporters said the "snub" from the Register was a valid excuse for the billionaires "no show" BUT the democrats attending the fail said Hillary Clinton snubbing the public was unacceptable and she will feel "they bern".... Yes!!! Hillary Clinton will "feel the Bern" is what I heard many times.  Democrats are uninspired by a Joe Biden bid & many think that Al Gore is not serious about running.  Betsy McManus Gore's spokeswoman said he wasn't running which is odd since……

On Saturday I spend the day with the Iowan voters & they inspired me to provide election coverage that's REAL they knew Hillary Clinton's event in Dubuque was staged they heard about the pre-selected questions that the former Secretary of State responded to, one lady who hasn't missed a caucus in 40 years said (at the Clinton event) she felt uninspired by Hillary & downright neglected...never has she had to work so hard to vet a candidate (in Iowa usually the candidates are very accessible to the caucus goers BUT Hillary Clinton has not been, that makes some conservative Democrats scared. Many see Bernie Sanders as a socialist and they fear that he could win the nomination. Many want a Clinton alternative & they don't want Martin O'Malley ... they think the Baltimore thing took him out of the "A-list" potential. Even though most Iowa Dems are white they believe that diversity matters, they after all voted for Obama in 2008 & some say they did it JUST cause they thought America should have a black president. Many of those voters think America is ready for a woman president BUT Hillary Clinton might not be the woman they want.  SEVERAL comments were made about Carly Fiorina ... they think she could be the alternative.  Oddly many Bernie Sanders supporters see Donald Trump as a viable alternative. The Sanders supporters in Iowa WANT CHANGE...   real change