James Comey & the FBI Have ALL the Information & Should Tell Loretta Lynch of the DOJ to File Charges & Indict Hillary Clinton (& Huma Abedin) on a VARIETY of Issues Possibly Including OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by Wiping Her Server: The DOD Whistleblower Strikes Again.... After Clinton Campaign Alienated the Press from an Event in Dubuque Sharyn Bovat Did What She Was Told & Got the Issue Into the Hands of Press That Would Ask the Presidential Candidate TOUGH Questions.

My Mission is accomplished and spending Monday & Tuesday resting: Saving the world from mischievous politicians is NOT as easy or fun as it looks and when you're exposing Clinton corruption it's TERRIFYING ... I'm grateful everyday I'm alive:):) 

NOW I gotta get back to the OPM intel that was told to me. When congress returns I'm sure they'll want to act on creating legislation that protects the privacy of those that serve America.  God Bless our country.